5 Worst Excuses for Smoking

Almost every smoker knows the health risk brought about by smoking. However, they still fail to quit, or should we say they refuse to quit? The funny thing is, some smokers would even try to find excuses and justify their smoking habit. You may have heard of these excuses from a friend or a relative who smoke.

Below are the top 5 worst excuses for smoking:

 1.  My grandfather and my father were heavy smokers, they didn’t die of smoking.

Consider them among the lucky few who get to live without giving up smoking. However, statistics will tell you that more than half of smokers don’t die directly from nicotine intoxication. You may call it hopeful, but it’s more like a game of chance – you never knew until you lose the bet. Always remember that smoking does not only affect the length but likewise the quality of your life.

2.  I just can’t quit.

If this is true, why is it some smokers were successful in giving up smoking? Maybe, the right way to say this is – “I DON’T WANT TO QUIT”. Almost every smoker admits that cigarette smoking is highly addictive and hard to give up. What makes it even harder is a weak determination and willpower. Try to find a good motivation within yourself. If you can’t find that reason, the harder it is for you to quit.

3.  It is fine, everybody smokes anyway.

Not everybody smokes. While it is true that one third of the people around the world smokes, it is still not right to say it is okay to smoke. It may be a normal and accepted norm in your social group, but keep in mind that there are legislations that ban smoking in particular places and make it less socially acceptable. You may also consider that more or less 20% of men and 18% of women smoke. There are still more people who don’t smoke.

4.  Everybody will eventually die, why stop smoking now?

Maybe you’ll change your view if you’re among those suffering from terminal lung cancer. It is not debatable that time will come that everybody will die. But the real issue here is how you’ll die if you don’t quit smoking now. Tobacco smoke contains 4000 deadly chemicals. Fifty of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Your body may still be able to tolerate these toxins in your body, but how about 5 to 10 years from now, can you still be the same? You may want to be reasonable enough not to take dying of smoking lightly.

5. Today is not the perfect time to quit – I’ll just be tempted to smoke again.

Then when is the right time to quit smoking? Actually, there is no point making this excuse. Most smokers would hide behind stressful events in their life to smoke, like a recent break up, or too much work. The longer you smoke the more it is you become dependent to smoking. The harder it is for you to quit. Just keep in mind, though it is hard to quit, it will make you a stronger person.



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