Smoking: As Deadly as Drinking Poison

If you are a smoker who has no plan to stop smoking, maybe as early as now you should get a health insurance for your husband or wife, for your son or daughter and for the rest who lives in your home. You might as well include your neighbors and your dogs. Never mind investing on a health insurance for yourself. For sure you’ll just waste it. Because what you need for the latter is a different insurance. That would be an insurance that would cover everything after you have finished poisoning yourself.

There are plenty of substances found in cigarettes that have been classified as food additives. That is before they are burned. But when they do get burned many of these substances are converted to toxic forms while others are transformed to cancer-causing substances (carcinogens). It’s not only the smoker that inhales these substances but non-smokers too through “passive smoking”.

The following are some of the toxic substances found in cigarette smoke:

1. Acetone

Good if you’re whole body is composed of a substance as hard as your nails, so that when you inhale that acetone only a little of your organs will be damaged. But then your body is made up of many soft tissues. If it can cause erosion in your hard nails, it will definitely cause more damage in your body.

2. Formaldehyde

This is the substance used in embalming. When you smoke, you are accumulating this substance into your body. Imagine your body being hardened and preserved while your eyes are still rolling. Isn’t that similar to being paralyzed?

3. Carbon Monoxide

It is a gas that when inhaled gets into the lungs and then into the bloodstream. It causes the body to be deficient in oxygen. When the body has poor oxygen supply, it performs poorly. When the body has too much of it, the lungs will eventually cease to function normally and the person would have a hard time breathing.

4. Nicotine

This is a substance commonly found in insecticides. When nicotine enters the body, it causes the release of the hormone dopamine. This hormone is responsible for the addictive effect of cigarettes. It gives a smoker a desirable feeling. Whenever the effect of the substance wanes, the person returns to what he felt before he lit that cigarette.

Imagine all these substances plus a thousand or more others joined together inside your body. Not only will your body look like a garbage can but a pit of rotten organs.

Quit smoking now!



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