Smoking and Your Mouth: 5 Ways How Smoking Can Ruin Your Oral Health

Did you know that using tobacco products can also damage your oral health? Cigarette smoking can cause several oral health issues from discolored teeth to cancer. So if you think you can take it very lightly, you may want to read on and find out about how smoking can ruin your oral health.

Below are the leading effects of smoking to your oral health:

 1.  Cigarette smoke can cause gum disease.

Can you remember your dentist’s advice the last time you had a tooth extraction? It was a long list and near the bottom it says – “Refrain from smoking for the next 3 days”. Smoking messes with the normal functions of your gum tissues. It inhibits the normal flow of blood which slows down the healing process, leaving it susceptible to bacterial infections. Compounds found in tobacco smoke also increase the risk of periodontal disease among smokers.  It loosens your gums and bone attachment to your teeth, leaving it open for possible contagions that can cause oral problems. You may want to abstain from smoking at least within a week after a tooth extraction or mouth surgery.

2.  Smoking causes bad breath.

Having a bad breath is a major turn-off, not only when dating, but most specifically when talking to someone. Smoking is among the main causes of halitosis and in worst cases it even requires a major surgery to cure it. The longer you smoke, the more cigarettes you puff – the more nicotine and tar deposits will develop in your tooth cavity. This leads to what is known as “the smoker’s breath”. Gum disease caused by smoking also contributes to bad breath.

3.  Nicotine and tar stains your teeth.

“Say cheese!” – Smokers may find it hard flashing those big smiles in their face. Nicotine and tar stains your teeth and cause discoloration. Long time smokers are more likely to have yellowish teeth. Teeth whitening sessions can lessen the discoloration but may cost you hundreds of dollars. The best way to avoid extra expenses is to never try smoking.

4.  Smoking can cause and hasten tooth decay.

Can you still remember how you cried when you were ten because of a tooth ache? Well, now it is different, you no longer cry but the pain is the same. Smoking can cause and speed up tooth decay. Tobacco smoke increases the quantity of dental plaque in the mouth. The more you smoke the harder it gets to remove it. These eventually develop into tartar that causes and hastens tooth decay.

5.  Smoking can lead to tooth loss.

It’s hard to smile when you miss something, especially your tooth. Smoking can cause periodontal disease. Long time smokers are at risk of developing severe periodontitis which causes your bones to deteriorate and eventually leads to tooth loss. You may want to quit smoking before you realize it is too late to undo the damages. You may also want to visit your oral care specialists regularly to check on your progress.



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