How Good is Chantix as a Smoking Cessation Drug?

Chantix is a drug that helps smokers quit the habit of smoking, but unlike any smoking cessation drugs or products available in the market today, it works differently. Chantix gets into the source of the problem and treats nicotine addiction where it begins, in your brain.

How Chantix Works

Chantix contains an essential drug Varenicline that goes directly to the receptors in your brain that react to nicotine. What varenicline does is it blocks these receptors and stops them from responding to nicotine. It also has a very minimal content of nicotine to help lessen the cravings. However, it should not be mistaken as a nicotine replacement drug. Eventually it dulls the pleasures you get from nicotine. The more you use the product, the less smoking appeals to you.

What Makes Chantix Different

Majority of the smoking cessation products available in the market today, work to replace the nicotine in your body by directly delivering it instead of smoking it. Similar to smoking, these products still feed your body with nicotine and slowly wean off your cravings. The problem with this kind of method is that the smoker still enjoys the same nicotine sensation he gets from smoking only that he gets it in lesser amount compared to his usual consumption and he receive it directly and not through smoking – the same addiction is still present. What makes Chantix different from other smoking cessation products is that instead of delivering nicotine in smaller levels, it goes directly to your brain and blocks any reaction it formerly has to nicotine. Your brain becomes indifferent with nicotine, so if you try to smoke again while taking Chantix, you’ll never have the same pleasure and satisfaction you once did.   

Chantix is a breakthrough in smoking cessation products which offers something very different from any products sold in the market today. It targets smoking in such a way that it provides an answer to smokers looking for a better way to quit smoking for good.

Advantages of Chantix

Higher Success Rate

What is good about Chantix is that it goes to the root of the problem instead of giving you a lower dose of nicotine to satisfy the same addiction. The problem with other products  is that the chance of relapse is higher because the same addiction to nicotine is still present. When you’re triggered back to smoke, there is a greater chance that you go back to the same habit you had. On the other hand, Chantix makes your brain indifferent to nicotine. Even if you smoke while taking it, you’ll not experience the same sensation you had before, therefore chances of relapse is lessen.

Easy to Use

Chantix compared to any products is very easy to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions given to you by your physician and remember to take it every after meal with a full glass of water, and if you have to take 2 dose per day, just make sure you wait for 6 hours interval before taking the next dose. Chantix is normally used for twelve weeks, but it can be extended for another twelve weeks to ensure that you remain smoke-free for good.

But just like all other medical forms of smoking cessation, Chantix may come with side effects too. It is necessary that you consult your doctor before taking any drug. This way, you can ensure success with a lesser risk.



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