5 Ways How Yoga Can Help You Quit Smoking

Can yoga actually help you kick the habit of smoking? It sounds really strange and to others it seems impossible. But yoga can in fact help you quit smoking. Actually, yoga is one of the best smoking cessation aids. Through it, you can gain enough confidence to give up smoking for real.

What is good about yoga is that it helps you improve your health which was damaged by long years of smoking. It helps your lungs to improve and regain its strength and capacity. And most importantly it can lessen some of the most dangerous effects of tobacco smoke in your body.

Below are 5 ways how yoga is helpful in your smoking cessation:

  1. The reason why many smokers fail their smoking cessation programs is that they lack the willpower to really say “NO” to tobacco use. Yoga develops willpower and determination in a person who wants to quit smoking. It is the primary requirement for a smoker to succeed in his attempt to give up his old habit.
  2. Lots of smokers started smoking after experiencing severe emotional or psychological problems. This is true particularly among women smokers. Yoga is a best way to help you maintain emotional and psychological stability and overcome life taking traumas without nicotine abuse. It helps you find inner peace and balance.
  3. Smoking can bring a lot of negative changes in your body. It affects not only the way you look but most importantly, tobacco use affects your overall health and wellness. Yoga creates an awareness to live a healthier life and lets you understand the needs of your body. It will make you realize that your body “naturally”, doesn’t want nor need these substances you get from tobacco smoke. The same awareness that makes you wants a healthier life by improving and working on your diet and lifestyle.
  4. One of the biggest challenges for someone who want to quit smoking is to conquer the cravings and symptoms of smoking cessation especially during the early days and weeks after quitting. The breathing techniques of yoga can help you reduce the effects of nicotine cravings, which increase your chance of surviving the hell week of smoking cessation.
  5. Most female smokers are afraid of gaining weight after quitting tobacco use. Yoga can help you give up your smoking habit without adding weight on the weighing scale. And no other smoking cessation technique can help you better in this matter.

Quitting tobacco use is no easy task. It may require more than just a simple decision. It may even necessitate that you undergo certain medications. Nicotine is a highly addictive and dangerous substance that messes with your brain and your health. Undoing these damages is no easy task too; it may even take years before a single square inch of your lungs to recover. Yoga was never a miracle cure to help you quit smoking. The different features of yoga such as meditation and deep breathing techniques are definitely among the best ways to help you quit smoking for good.



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