5 Ways How You Can Stop Your Boyfriend from Smoking without Nagging

Smoking is known to cause several health problems like cancer, pneumonia, heart diseases and oral problems. And if you know someone who is a smoker, you’ll definitely want to make them quit rather than to watch them suffer from a chronic disease.  And if you’re among those girlfriends who want their boyfriends to quit smoking, you don’t want to overdo it by nagging. The trick is, you have to convince him that it is his own initiative to quit. If you try to force him by nagging, he may rebel against you and it will be harder for the two of you.

 1.  Don’t Smoke

As they say – do what you preach. You can’t tell your boyfriend to just quit if you, yourself smoke. Walk the talk lady. If you’re a smoker, you may want to quit earlier than you boyfriend to convince him that it will do him no good if he continues with the habit. It is best that you should set yourself a good example and stay away from tobacco use.

2.  Use Positive Reinforcement

As I said in the opening paragraph, you don’t want to nag about his smoking. It will yield negative result instead of making him quit. You may want to use positive reinforcement. It is better to praise his progress if he decides to quit smoking. You may also want to reward him with affection instead of cajoling and nagging about his habit.

3.  Show Him Your Support

You don’t simply convince him to quit. You need to be there every step of the way. Encourage him further as he progresses. You may also want to give him smoking cessation aids that are appropriate for his case. You may want to help him find the best nicotine replacement therapy to keep him away from relapsing and going back into cigarette use.

4.  Make It Less Convenient for Him to Smoke

Give him something he can work on, something to motivate him to quit and discourage him from lighting the next cigarette. For instance, you can refuse to kiss him after he had a smoke and until he has taken a shower and brushed his teeth. If you will just let him to go as if it’s normal to smoke, then he will find no reason to stop smoking. It’s like a reward and punishment kind of thing.

5.  Always Consider an Ultimatum as Your Last Option

If he really can’t give up the habit for good and you have exhausted everything you know to convince him to quit, maybe it’s about time you give him the last chance to choose between you and his smoking addiction. But lady, make sure you can walk the talk. Be sure that you can do well in your threat and leave him if he fails to quit. Otherwise he’ll just consider it as one of your naggings and you won’t yield any positive result out of it. However, if you can still avoid it, better do. Remember, it is best that you show him affection and understanding rather than disdain and hate.



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