Nicotine Overdose: 6 Signs and Symptoms

Every smoker knows that nicotine is a highly addictive substance found in tobacco products. It is also found in many cessation products like nicotine patches, gums, or nicotine sprays. Nicotine overdose may occur when nicotine is taken orally in large amounts. This usually happens to young smokers or children who accidentally chew or ingested tobacco products. Cure for nicotine overdose may include induced vomiting. However, knowing the different signs and symptoms of nicotine overdose can avert any possible severe health problems.

Below are the 6 evident signs and symptoms of a nicotine overdose:

 1. Trouble in Breathing

Someone who is suffering from nicotine overdose may experience difficulty in breathing. This may include occurrence of momentarily lost of breath. Likewise rapid breathing is also consistent with someone who has too much nicotine in his or her body. When this happens it is best that you seek immediate medical assistance. 

2. Notable Changes in the Vital Signs

CDC or Centers for Disease Control warns the public about the adverse effect of too much nicotine level in both blood pressure and heart rate. Some notable changes in the blood pressure of someone experiencing nicotine poisoning is the sudden increase in blood pressure and followed by a drop lower than normal. Also a drop from rapid to irregularly slow heart rate may likewise indicate nicotine overdose.

3.  Abnormal Muscle Activities

In some cases, muscle twitches and seizures are observed in a person suffering from nicotine poisoning. Too much nicotine level may also cause muscle weakness in some patients.

4. Gastrointestinal Disorders

You may also experience nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting if you have too much nicotine in your body. Gastrointestinal symptoms may also be accompanied by stomach cramping. Induced vomiting is among the known treatment for chronic nicotine overdose. However, it should be done with the assistance of duly certified medical personnel, or by a physician.

 5.  Burning Sensation in the Oral Cavities and Other Oral Symptoms

Nicotine may cause side effects in your oral cavities when ingested in large quantity. Drooling and burning sensation on your oral cavities are also among the evident or common signs and symptoms of nicotine poisoning.

 6. Restlessness, Depression, Excitement, and Anxiety

Restlessness, depression, excitement, and anxiety are some of the common effects of nicotine in your body, especially if it is available in high contents. Young adolescence that smoked or chewed or ingested high levels of nicotine may experience hyperactivity and restlessness.

People who are experiencing any of these signs should seek the immediate help of professional medical personnel. Early medical attention can avert any possible adverse health problems on the patients. This is the reason why it is important that you know the different signs and symptoms of nicotine poisoning. Any delay or if these symptoms remained untreated it can cause permanent damage to your system or in worst cases it can be very fatal, especially in the younger ages. Nicotine found in tobacco and other products may cause adverse effects if not properly manage or handle. It is best that you stay away from nicotine or tobacco use in the first place to avoid its harmful effects.



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