5 Steps to Remove Tobacco Stains on Your Lips and Gums

Away from the countless health threats, smoking tobacco has other nasty and horrible effect – the stain. The tar found in cigarette smoke stains everything it comes into contact like your fingers, nails, teeth, your gums and lips. It leaves a yellowish to dark brown color. Tobacco stains can greatly affect how you look and how others see you. Cigarette filters cannot prevent this stain from ruining your appearance. Even light cigarettes make no difference. Tobacco stains are hard to crack. It sticks and stays there as you smoke. However, there are ways to remove these gruesome stains from your lips and gums. Below are 5 steps to remove tobacco stain off your lips and gums.

smiley-woman-with-yellow-dirty-teeth1.  QUIT smoking.

First and foremost to remove tobacco stain, you must get at the source – smoking. Cut out the source and then you can work on removing the stains left by smoking. This is obvious, but as far as smokers are concern, this is the most difficult step. While it is true that there are several available remedies to remove tobacco stains off your lips and gums, continuing to smoke will only worsen the stains and make the stains more difficult to remove.

Tobacco stains can greatly affect how you look and how others see you. Quitting smoking can improve your appearance.

  2.  Apply citrus.

Fresh lemon is a good bleaching agent to remove the stains out of your lips. Take a small slice of fresh lemon, and apply it to the tobacco stains on your lips. Leave it on there for two to five minutes. . You need to do this on a daily basis.

 3.  Take vitamins C and E.

Taking vitamins C and E is essential to replace lost vitamins brought by smoking. These vitamins can greatly help in the recovery of tissues in your lips and gums. Healthy lips and gum tissues give your lips and gums its reddish color.

 4.  Brush your teeth daily.

One reason why your lips and gums becomes dull and blackish in color is the reduced blood flow to the skin caused by smoking. Flossing or brushing your teeth helps stimulate blood flow in your gums, which lessens the effects of smoking. Likewise, regular brushing and flossing helps in inducing the production of new tissues which in turn remove the stains.

 5.  Always moisturize your lips.

If your lips are dry, tobacco stains can easily stick on it and will be more visible. Applying lips moisturizers and keeping your lips moisturized can lessen the visibility of tobacco stains on your lips and it can also help in the healing.

Smoking can greatly damage your physical appearance. It affects every part of your body. Your teeth, skin, hair, your sight and even how you smell. Cigarette smoking can bring many changes into your body as well as into your life, and undoing these changes is not easy. Some of these effects can even stay for a lifetime. So it is better that you stay away from smoking while you still can at the soonest possible time to avert any adverse effect to your health.



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