Smoking Relapse: 5 Attitudes that Lead to Lighting-Up the Cigarettes Again

Majority of smokers who want to quit (in some point) always have thought of lighting just one cigarette. Staying smoke free involves learning and expecting the things you have to go through as you battle with nicotine withdrawal. Preventing a relapse may take more than just courage and careful planning. You may also need to battle within yourself and defeat the common attitudes that may lead you into a smoking relapse. Below are the 5 attitudes you need to avoid and that may lead you to lighting-up the cigarettes again:

1.  Too much self-confidence

Sometimes smokers get too cocky that they think quitting is not too hard. They think that smoking one cigarette is fine and that they can handle it just fine and they think they can easily return to their smoking cessation program the following day as if nothing had happened.

Experts call this “romancing the cigarette” thinking and this kind of thought can easily lead you into a smoking relapse. As you progress with your smoking cessation program and start leaving your cigarettes behind, you can easily fall into this kind of thinking that you have the power over your nicotine addiction. Never let your guard down, as a nicotine addict, you’re always vulnerable to nicotine dependence once you let nicotine back into your body. The best way to avoid smoking relapse is to keep yourself nicotine free.

 2.  Pointing Fingers

If you’ll hinge you actions to other people you’ll just put all your effort into waste. However, if you start taking responsibility over your actions, you can start moving on and make progress in your campaign against smoking and move towards the process of recovery from your nicotine addiction.

 3.  Self Pity

Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Be proud that you’re taking a stand against smoking and nicotine addiction. Giving up smoking is a very difficult process. However, there is nothing more fulfilling than gaining your freedom back from nicotine addiction.

 4.  Impatience

Some smokers feel bad after a month or two after quitting and still they crave for cigarettes.  Keep in mind that quitting is unique to every person. Some even tried three or more times before they finally quit for good. The common mistake of smokers is to abandon the hope of success every time nicotine cravings hit its peak. Smoking cessation make take as long as it needs. You don’t have to rush it. Just stick to your goals and objectives why you want to quit. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself craving for cigarettes no more.

 5.  Pessimism

Too much doubt to yourself won’t help your smoking cessation treatment. Sometimes you become the worst critic of yourself and you end up giving up without even starting yet. Try to pay attention to these negative thoughts running behind your consciousness and correct them the soonest you become aware of them. Telling yourself “you can’t” will just make your journey more troublesome. Try to feed yourself with positivism and soon you’ll realize that you can win the battle against nicotine addiction.  Keep in mind that there is no difficult path if you have the right mind setting and attitude.



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