3 Pesticides Found in Cigarettes

Pesticides are chemical products that are formulated to kill pests or insects. We use it primarily in our lawns to protect crops and plants from getting destroyed by those irritating bugs. Useful as they may seem, pesticides contain toxic compounds that can be very harmful to human’s health. And even if you don’t do any gardening stuff, you’re actually taking in three different types of pesticides if you’re a smoker.

Just recently, a group of researchers from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden identified three chemicals in cigarettes that are also present in most pesticide products. They tested a variety of smoke samples from commercial cigarettes using a micrometer mass-spectrometer and determined a group of chemicals which they categorized as dinitroaniline pesticides. These are Flumetralin, Pendimethalin, and the Trifluralin. All of them are considered as endocrine disruptors. The first one is found to have carcinogenic effects on humans. Because of this, the use of Flumetralin has been banned in many countries, particularly in Europe. Pendimethalin on the other hand is found to produce harmful effects on the thyroid gland. It is also carcinogenic. The third one, which is the Trifluralin, is another type of toxin which is known to cause cancer as well. Their report was published in the American Chemical Society.

What are Endocrine Disrupters?

The endocrine gland is a vital part of the human body which is responsible for regulating growth and development. It produces hormones necessary to regulate certain body processes including reproduction. Endocrine disrupters are the free radicals that prevent the endocrine gland from producing hormones either by blocking or mimicking them. As this happens, the normal functioning of the endocrine system is affected which leads to a range of potential illnesses.

The researchers found the chemicals present in both the firsthand and secondhand smoke. Although there’s no clear evidence that proves the effects of these chemicals in humans, they are naturally hazardous, which potentially increases the risk factors of cancer and other serious illnesses. The pesticides that were found were just three of the 4,000 chemicals present in every cigarette available in the market today. And you get to inhale them every time you puff.

Quit Smoking Now

Maybe you have been smoking for many years now. Maybe you started since highs school or when you started working. No matter how long you’ve been into this habit, it isn’t too late to quit smoking now. Studies show that one’s health condition improves in 72 hours after quitting smoking. Just imagine how well you can be if you won’t smoking for weeks, months, years, and for the rest of your life. Sure it’s not easy. But as they say, if there’s a will there’s a way. If you lack the will, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. There are doctors, support groups, and psychotherapists who can help you quit smoking now. You’ll find plenty of smoking cessation treatments. Many have attempted quitting smoking. Many succeeded. If they can do it, why can’t you?



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