Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Chantix

In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Chantix as a smoking cessation drug. This drug is considered a better alternative to Bupropion. However, in recent years, there were claims of unwanted side effects associated to Chantix. Understanding how this medication is used, how it works, and other safety concerns is essential for a successful quit smoking endeavor with Chantix.

 1.       What is Chantix and how exactly does it work?

Chantix is medication developed by Pfizer specifically to address smoking addiction issues. There are two important qualities of Chantix that make it an effective smoking cessation treatment. First, it doesn’t make use of nicotine unlike other medications. It works by blocking the entrance of nicotine to the regions of the brain responsible for the feeling of pleasure. This process mimics a lower dose of nicotine which makes the withdrawal symptoms milder than the usual. Second, Chantix takes away the habit by telling the brain that cigarette smoking is not a pleasurable habit. Users find tobacco taste and smell awful while using Chantix.

 2.       Are there side effects?

Any medical treatment comes with risks. With Chantix, the most common side effects experienced by some users include nausea, vomiting, disruptions in sleeping patterns, and constipation. Again, these don’t always happen to every user.

 3.       Where can I buy Chantix?

You can’t simply purchase this drug over the counter. You first need to secure a prescription from your doctor. If you’re looking to quit smoking now using Chantix, seeking medical advice is the first step to take.

 4.       They say Chantix users suffer from suicidal tendencies, is that true?

There were rumors that some Chantix users had suicidal tendencies and major depression. Although some of them were true, it isn’t yet proven whether such mental and behavioral side effects were caused by Chantix or triggered by some other factors.

 5.       Should I use Chantix if I had history of medical depression?

While the link between depression and Chantix has not been fully established yet, it is recommended that smokers who had history of depression and other mental or behavioral problems such as anxiety disorder should not use it unless their doctors tell them so.

 6.       All in all, is Chantix safe?

Research shows that the number of people who suffered from serious side effects with Chantix is very minimal as compared to those who successfully quit smoking without having any health issue. Therefore, Chantix is generally safe to use.

 7.       How long should I use it?

Normally, Chantix should be taken a week before you quit smoking. The initial dosage starts from very minimal until you are able to take 1mg of tablet twice a day. It is necessary that you take it with a full stomach and a full glass of water.

 8.       Is it okay to use Chantix with other smoking cessation drugs?

Taking two or more different kinds of quit smoking drugs isn’t advisable because it can lead to serious reaction in the body, and later on lead to complications. If you’re currently taking medications (even if not for smoking cessation), you need to tell your doctor about it.

 9.       What if I smoke while on Chantix?

There’ll be no negative effect with this except that it will not help you quit. If you sill smoke while undergoing treatment, don’t stop taking medication unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

 10.   What other things should I know?

Strictly follow the dosage instruction provided by your doctor or as stated on the user’s guide. If any unwanted side effect occurs, stop taking Chantix and consult your doctor.



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