4 Special Things You Can Get When You Quit Smoking Today

Quick – state all the reasons why you smoke, then count them. Most smokers only say one reason – they enjoy it. Is it really enjoyable? Do you find it pleasurable as you puff and bother your friend with the smoke during a conversation? Isn’t he noticing the stain in your teeth? Many people can’t give up smoking because they have become slaves of it. If you’ve been trying to quit all this time but couldn’t, deny it or not, you have been a slave of tobacco. But it isn’t too late. Maybe you need more reasons why you should stop smoking today.

 1.  Freedom

First of all, by quitting smoking today, you gain freedom. For sure, there have been days when you really don’t enjoy smoking. It could be the day when your head was aching so badly but then you light up, aggravating the pain. But despite being less pleasurable, you still smoke. Maybe there has been a time that you wished you weren’t a smoker. Maybe you’ve experienced discrimination from someone else’s home because they didn’t permit you to light up inside. Or you have almost fainted for a three-hour meeting in the office because you couldn’t smoke. The moment you quit smoking today, expect to gain freedom from all these things. Most of all, you get freedom to choose a life that’s healthier, longer, and more fulfilling. You get the freedom to stay fit and able for your family or future family.

 2.  More money

Most smokers don’t really notice how much money they’re spending to poison their body. Studies show that the average smoker spends $36,500 a year on tobacco. Now what if you’re not an average smoker? What if you light up 20 times a day? That would be 20 cigarettes. With all the taxes levied on tobacco products, it isn’t really an exaggeration to say that you’re spending a FORTUNE killing your body.

 3.  Better health

For sure, right at this very moment, you know that smoking is dangerous for your health. You know it’s going to give you cancer, heart disease, and any other illness. But you’re still lighting up. Most smokers have this defense strategy against the health risks of smoking. They say they’re willing to accept the consequences. Are they really? They’re fooling themselves. Science shows that we, humans, are generally fearful about dying. Just the thought of it gives many people goose bumps. So why are they saying they’re ready when the moment they found out they have cancer, they start weeping. If you quit smoking today, you begin to restore the good health you once had. In just 72 hours after quitting smoking, expect a huge improvement on your physical health.

 4.  Vigor

Some people light up when they feel sleepy. This is so true with call center agents who are on a graveyard shift. To stay energetic, studies show that our blood must fully circulate. What smoking does is to prevent the blood from passing through the veins, preventing oxygen to reach our brain. This in turn, makes our energy level drop down, making us feel nauseous, tired and lousy. Smokers think smoking gives them more vigor just because they think it does. Again, they’re fooling themselves.



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