5 Reasons why Smoking is Not Really Enjoyable (like people say it is)

Until know, it’s really hard to understand why many people smoke when they know for a fact that it kills them. Tobacco is the only harmful drug that’s sold legally in almost every country. They say smoking is a habit. It isn’t. It’s drug addiction. Despite this, the number of smokers increases each year. What’s more disheartening is that even the young people are hooked into the ‘habit’.

Why do people smoke? This is the BIG question. Even though they know it causes cancer, many people smoke because they believe smoking is enjoyable. Take not of the word ‘believe’. Yes, it isn’t a FACT, rather a BELIEF. Here are the top reasons why smoking isn’t really enjoyable as others claim it to be:

  1. It kills. Who on earth would agree that dying is enjoyable? Who can say they enjoy every single moment spent on the hospital bed, breathing well only with an oxygen tank, and eating through the hole on their neck? People who smoke believes that it’s an enjoyable activity. But the moment they found out they had a disease, the regret starts to unveil.
  2. It’s suffocating. Some smokers say they enjoy the actual puffing act – the smoke traveling through their nostrils and to their lungs. Is it really enjoyable or suffocating? Science shows it isn’t the smoke, or the actual puffing. It is the nicotine that hooks a person to addiction. Nicotine is a chemical. A highly toxic chemical. What’s enjoyable about that?
  3. It’s disgusting. Young people smoke because they think it’s cool. And because it’s cool, they enjoy it. Blame this to the cigarette advertisers who keep on using young models, relating smoking to enjoyable activities like surfing, riding, and some sporting stuff. There isn’t any relationship between surfing and smoking aside from the fact that it makes your lungs weak that a few minutes of sea surfing becomes an agonizing, rather a pleasurable recreation.
  4. It tastes awful. Cigarettes aren’t sweet. They taste bitter. Maybe you’ve once condemn the taste of smoke back in the days when you’re just forming the habit. But you injured the pain otherwise; your friends will laugh at you. Imagine inhaling over 4,000 chemicals. Some taste like metals while others have indescribable tang.
  5. The sense of enjoyment is nothing but an illusion. People believe smoking to be enjoyable because that was their orientation. It’s what commercials say. It’s what older people say. A person would be tempted to smoke because he or she hears others saying it is enjoyable. It’s a vicious cycle that happens over and over again.

Quitt Smoking Now

Hard as it seems, quitting smoking today is possible. When you know what to do, you can quit smoking now without experiencing any trouble. But first of all, you have to understand and accept the fact that smoking isn’t enjoyable. It’s a nasty killer that does nothing good to you. Don’t smoke your life away. Life is more enjoyable without cigarettes.



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