12 Most Harmful Compounds in Tobacco

Smoking is dangerous to your health. That is the overrated government and non-government organizations warning which is widely spread in advertising billboards, commercials, flyers and even on the product itself. The harm of smoking is repetitively reminded to the public and all smokers are pushed to quit smoking now. How serious is the threat of smoking on the health of not just the smokers but all the living things in general? How is the human system performing its functions and what are the impacts of the smoke to it? To be reminded with the dangers of smoking, saying, reading, and hearing the same words, is not enough. Somehow, the public in general may not consume more understanding why the famous warnings about smoking is that seriously and widely spread into the most simple words possible.

It takes curiosity and responsible inquiry towards knowing it in every detail, digesting it with roots to fully understand why it is so.  As a smoker or non-smoker surrounded by the harmful habit, we must know.

There are different compounds that are packed in that one single stick of cigarette, depending on its type, in general cigarettes are made of the following chemicals:

  1. Tar – it is one of the most destructive component of a cigarette, this is the one’s that causes the rotting and blackening of the teeth, as to how the habitual smokers teeth looks like. Tar also damages the gums, and blocks the papillae and taste buds, it also have a negative impact to the eyesight over time.
  2. Butane – Yes, it is the lighter fuel, which also means that it is flammable.  This cigar ingredient causes the drowsiness, and may lead to memory loss in the long term. This chemical can lead to death in too much consumption.
  3. Ammonia – It is actually a colorless gas with a pungent smell which is used in cleaning products. This is actually widely used in different commercial products, the difference is those products are not made to be eaten, drunk or be consumed except for cigarettes. You don’t want to be taking/inhaling something that you will constitutes your bathroom cleaning products right?
  4. Methanol – not exactly but is an alcohol, also called as methyl alcohol. This chemical is widely used in industries as a denaturant additive. This is also flammable, and dangerous when consumed by human or animals.
  5. Formaldehyde – not very much mentioned in everyday living but to make the long story short, it is also known as formalin. It is used to preserved dead bodies of human or animals.
  6. Cadium –  Cadium is a metal compound used in batteries.  Inhalation of a cadium-containing fumes can cause metal-fume fever, pneumonitis, and even death.
  7. Radon – this is a very dangerous composition of a cigarette which explains as why smoking can lead into cancer, when a contaminated dust for instance is inhaled, this will stick into the airways of the lungs which can cause a very high risk of lung cancer.
  8. Hydrogen Cyanide – this chemical is used in pesticides and will kill a human being in minutes when inhaled air with a concentration of 300 mg/m3
  9. Arsenic – this is a poisonous element that has been recorded to have caused number of deaths around the globe, consumption of this leads to cancer and arsenic poisoning.
  10. Acetone – acetone is widely used as nail polish remover, also it is flammable and harmful when consumed.
  11. Nicotine – the one to blame for the addiction, but aside from that nicotine consumption affects the brain when it comes to retention. 
  12. Carbon Monoxide – it is a colorless and ordorless gas, it is also tasteless and slightly lighter than air which is harmful to animals and human beings especially when inhaled in a high concentration. This is the same gas that is actually coming out of your car exhaust!



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