5 Facts about “Mild” and “Light” Cigarettes that Tobacco Manufacturers Won’t Tell You

Many smokers choose “light” or “mild” cigarette brands because they believe these are less harmful than the traditional cigarettes. After all, the smell, and taste are indeed lighter and the smoke feels smoother in the throat. So is it really true?

The answer is a big NO. Tobacco manufacturers aren’t really concerned about your health. If they are, they should cig-ashtray-outhave stopped doing business in the first place. In fact, what they don’t tell us is that manufacturing the mild and light cigarettes is just one way to prevent smokers from quitting! For sure, they won’t admit it. But in the manual published by the World Health Organization (WHO), they revealed, for the first time, over 2000 documents that were kept by major tobacco manufacturers for so many years. The documents were comprised of research about the effects of tobacco, advertising and promotional strategies, the concept of “mild” and “light” cigarettes, and all other matters.

Here’s an excerpt from the WHO manual entitled “The Tobacco Industry Documents: What they are, What they tell us, and How to search them”:

“All work in this area should be directed towards providing consumer reassurance about cigarettes and the smoking habit. This can be provided in different ways, e.g. by claimed low deliveries, by the perception of low deliveries and by the perception of “mildness.” Furthermore, advertising for low delivery or traditional brands should be constructed in ways so as not to provoke anxiety about health, but to alleviate it, and to enable the smoker to feel reassured about the habit and confident in maintaining it over time. – British American Tobacco, 1977, Bates no. 100427792/7800.

There’s no such thing as “safer” cigarettes. All of the tobacco products advertised today – whether mild or strong, light or hard have the same dangerous effects.

Tobacco manufacturers have long been keeping this but they were forced to uncover the documents when they lost the case against the Government of Minnesota.

What research tells us about mild and light cigarettes are the following:

  1. There’s no such thing as “safer” cigarettes. All of the tobacco products advertised today – whether mild or strong, light or hard have the same dangerous effects.
  2. Mild and light cigarettes all contain the same amount of nicotine and all other chemicals found in classic packs. All the tobacco manufacturers do is to lure the public into believing they are not inhaling the same chemicals like other smokers.
  3. These cigarettes were tested using smoking machines and not real people. Tobacco manufacturers added tiny holes in the filter of each cigarette stick. They call it “smoking vents” which dilute the smoke with the air. As a result, the smoking machine measures lower tar and nicotine levels.
  4. Smoking machines all work the same way. On the other hand, real smokers do have different inhaling levels. Some puff larger smokes and light up more frequently than others. Therefore, there is no way to determine whether “mild” and “light” cigarettes have lower side effects.
  5. On a study by the Federal Government’s National Cancer Institute, it was found that these cigarettes don’t provide any good effects to a smoker’s health. They also revealed that people who switch to light cigarettes are more likely to inhale the same amount of chemicals found in regular cigarettes.

But the good news is, if you stop smoking now, you will experience sudden positive changes in your body after a few hours. Just imagine how well your health will improve after several years! It’s time to dump those companies that don’t really care about us. Quit smoking now.



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