10 Reasons why it’s NEVER Too Late to Quit

In a German study, researchers found that ex smokers lived longer than those who didn’t quit the habit, no matter what age they stopped.

This gives every smoker a second chance to revive their life and choose to become a healthy once again. Even those in their sixties, seventies or nineties can experience the amazing benefits of quitting smoking today. These are the ten things that happen if you stop smoking now, also the reasons why in quitting, there’s no such thing as “it’s too late”.

 1.  Only 20 minutes after you smoked, your health improves

Both of your pulse and heart rate will have stabilized back to their normal level at this point. This means your blood flow will also go back to normal, carrying oxygen, vitamins and minerals again all over your body. As the blood circulates properly, your arteries (the veins in your heart) are revived.

2.  After eight hours, the carbon monoxide in your blood drops down as the oxygen increases.

The reduction is significant, up to 50%. Carbon monoxide hinders the oxygen from reaching your brain, affecting its function and bringing damage that causes various diseases.

3. In 24 hours of not smoking, carbon monoxide is completely eliminated.

The long term benefits of quitting smoking today can be experienced right after 24 hours. At this point, your body is completely free from hazardous carbon monoxide. You begin to feel better, with less smoker’s cough and improved breathing.

4.  Keener sense of taste and smell after 48 hours.

At this point, you would have noticed that your sense of taste and smell has greatly improved. Also, the debris and mucus in your lungs start to disappear, making it a lot easier for you to breathe.

5.  After 72 hours, your bronchial tubes become less constricted

The risk of developing thrombosis is reduced as the bronchial tubes become wider and relaxed. You also experience improved breathing.

6.  In 2 weeks to 3 months, your lung capacity would have improved by 30%

Among all the body organs, the lungs are the most hurt, literally. This is why lung cancer is common among heavy smokers. Because of this, you will find it easier to engage in moderate exercises. You will feel less tired as well.

7.   In 8 months of not smoking, major health improvements take place

You will experience reduced coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, and shortness of breath. You will also experience fatigue very rarely as your energy levels continue to rise. The cilia in your lungs, which have been destroyed by smoking, will grow once again. They will continue filtering the air that comes in and remove any impurities that would have damaged your body.

8.    In two years of quitting, the risk of heart attack drops back to normal.

At the same time, you become less vulnerable to other cardiovascular problems.

9.   In five years of continued smoking cessation, you slash the risk of lung cancer by half.

You also reduce the risk of developing mouth and throat cancer.

10.   Between 5 and 15 years of a smoke-free life, the risk of cancer drops down to the level of a person who hasn’t smoked all his life.

You also become less prone to pancreas, bladder and kidney cancer.

See, who says it’s too late for you to quit? Stop smoking today and experience and start experiencing these wonderful benefits!



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