Top 5 Myths about Smoking (that Hook Thousand More People to Light Up)

People smoke for many different reasons. Some do because they are caught up with the myths that they’ve heard from friends, relatives, and the media. Here are the top 10 myths about smoking and learn how they make you smoker even more.

1.  Quitting smoking is hard, mostly impossible.

We keep hearing them – smoking is hard to do. Smoking cessation feels like hell. That’s what many people say. That’s what tobacco manufacturers say. The reason is simple. They don’t want you to quit. Quitting smoking is ACTUALLY EASY. Why? First of all, you’re not actually giving up anything. You’re setting yourself FREE from NICOTINE ADDICTION. As Allen Carr puts it, “there’s nothing to give up”. You just have to believe that smoking does nothing good to you. It’s wasting your money and it’s wasting your life.

 2.  Switching to light or mild cigarettes will cut the risk of developing serious diseases.

Studies show that mild cigarettes are no better than the traditional tobacco products. In a document revealed by the WHO, tobacco manufacturers designed mild or light cigarettes as an alternative to quitting smoking. Clinical trials show no reduction in the risk of cancer, heart attack, diabetes and other health problems with mild cigarettes.

 3.  I’d been smoking all my life. The damage is still there even if I quit now.

Wrong. Did you know that by quitting smoking today, you can already experience the positive effects of being a non-smoker in just a couple of hours? In three days, the nicotine in your body would have been eliminated. If you stop before the age of 35, you cut the risk of all smoking-related diseases by 90%. Studies show that even if you stop at the age of 60, you still can benefit from it.

 4.  They’re not affected. Who cares if I smoke?

If you used to smoke in open areas or public places, you are contaminating other people with the toxic chemicals found in your tobacco smoke. Clinical research reveals that second-hand smoke is much more dangerous than the first-hand smoke. And guess what – there’s also the third hand-smoke! Yes. This smoke leaves residue in any surface, from the fabrics like curtains to the walls, doors, etc. According to studies, a waitress who works in a bar eight hours a day inhales the same amount of smoke that regular smokers do.

 5.  Quitting smoking is stressful. Therefore, it’s unhealthy

What a lame excuse! The mere fact that you’re smoking is already making you stressed. While the withdrawal period may be a little harsh, it’s completely tolerable. There are available smoking cessation medications and treatments that will help make your transition to a smoke-free life easy and stress-free.

Will you quit smoking now?

All smokers who have successfully quit find smoking cessation to be the best thing that happened in their life. You won’t regret it. The moment you embrace a smoke-free life, you’ll realize – it’s worth it.



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