5 Unusual Quit Smoking Tips


Are you sick and tired of hearing all those old, same boring quit smoking tips? Well then, you should read this article. Below are the collection of smoking cessation tips and advices that have been proven to work for some. They’re unusual yet, they make perfect sense.

1.  Don’t dare puff.

When there’s one, there’s two. And then there’s three, four, and so on. Many smokers they can’t quit just like that. But they can! It so happened that that’s the idea that was stuck in their minds since they started smoking. They all tell us it’s hard to quit. You can’t simply quit. It takes 7 years for an average smoker to quit. These beliefs have influenced our way of thinking and often discourage us to achieve our smoking cessation goals.

2.  Forget about quitting smoking forever.

Be realistic of your quit smoking goals. It’s better to set a time and schedule than rely on the belief that you’ll remain smoke-free for the rest of your life. When you have a clearer goal, it gets more exciting the closer you get to it. If you measure your success based on “forever”, tell me when you will celebrate?

 3.  Be sure about your smoking buddy.

If you think you need the help of someone, make sure he or she has the same level of willpower that you have. Or else, getting a smoking buddy could backfire and spoil your efforts to quit. They call it a crutch – anything (a drug or method) that makes you heavily reliant that without it, you’re likely to experience a smoking relapse. There’s nothing wrong with using some help as long as you do not get totally dependent on them. If you’re thinking of using some form of medication, it’s not advisable to use nicotine patches or any drug that contains nicotine. This substance is the main reason why you enjoy smoking. If you’re really serious about quitting smoking today, use the medications that help your brain block the receptors of nicotine.

 4.  Be prepared to dream about smoking.

You’re taking away a habit that has been there in your life for many, many years. You might experience vivid dreams about tobacco. But that doesn’t mean you’re still undergoing withdrawal symptoms. That’s actually a good sign that you’re almost about to drop it and take it from your system. You have to see it as a wonderful sign of quitting smoking.

 5.  Hold on to your goals.

The risk of smoking relapse is there. But you have to remember that there are only two possible reasons why you would want to light up again. First, you decide that living your way to death is the best choice you ever make in your life. Second, you enjoy experiencing the debilitating withdrawal symptoms and you want to feel it forever. But for as long as either of these reasons makes sense to you, you have to hold on to your goals. Trust yourself. Strengthen your willpower, and live a smoke-free life.




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