5 Major Benefits of Smoking Ban Policies in the Workplace

It is a known fact: smoking is bad for the health. But if you are running a company and you employ smokers, you also suffer from financial loss. On average, businesses in the US spend additional $3,391 for the health costs and productivity issues concerning employees who had smoking-related illnesses such as asthma, migraine, heart disease, and cancer.

Good thing, many businesses are taking moves towards a smoke-free environment. Currently, there are 37 states that support smoking ban in workplaces. There are so many benefits of this. To a name a few, read on:

 1.  Improved productivity

The success of your business is impacted by the people who are working behind it. Smoking-related diseases are among the major causes of productivity issues at work. Tobacco doesn’t just physically burden people. It also hurts their brain which often results to poor cognitive function.

 2.  More conducive environment

As you enter the building, you really don’t want to inhale the foul smell of tobacco smoke, so as other people who don’t smoke. If you have clients visiting your office from time to time, you do not want to stress them out because of the polluted air circulating in your building. A smoke-free environment brings a beautiful, more inviting atmosphere.

 3.  Reduction in second-hand smoke

A lot of people die due to overexposure to second-hand smoke. Studies found that it is much harmful than the smoke inhaled by smokers. By employing a smoking ban in your office, you are helping others avoid the debilitating effects of tobacco. In short, you are SAVING LIVES.

 4.  Save on medical costs

If you have healthy employees, you are sure to save thousands if not millions of money on their health benefits. Maybe you can just invest on other health programs like giving them free corporate massage or hiring a psychotherapist to ensure better mental health among your workers.

 5.  Healthier people

How many hours do your employees stay in the office? If they‘re like majority of workers, they spend 8 hours. For smokers, this span of time could mean several cigarettes smoked. But because of the smoking ban, you are preventing your employees to engage in the bad habit, reducing their nicotine intake and helping them recover from the damage brought by smoking. This way, you are also encouraging them to quit smoking now.

How do you employ a smoking ban?

You could always seek help from local authorities in your area or health organizations. They could provide you with a more effective outline of policies that you can implement in your office.  Other than restricting them, you may also want to take advantage of the opportunity to encourage your employees to quit smoking. Appeal on them. Conduct seminars, consultations, and other activities that will awaken their mind and inspire them to live a smoke-free life. According to studies, both one-on-one and group support increases the success rates of quitting smoking. You can also raise awareness about the effects of smoking by giving them flyers, posting banners inside the building, and sending emails containing information, articles and other tools about quitting smoking.



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