What Happens if You Start Smoking in Your Teens?

If you started smoking in your teenage years, chances are, the effects of tobacco are already impacting your life. Maybe you are unaware or pay no attention to some consequences of teen smoking like stained teeth, undesirable body odor, etc. Let’s look at how nicotine addiction is going to ruin your life in the coming years.

Age 20

Most people don’t light up to get addicted. They simply want to try and have a full belief that they are not going to smoke for a long time. But tobacco is formulated in such way that anyone who puffs it can get easily hooked. Most adult smokers who started lighting up in their teens will be burdened by coughing, spluttering, and heart seizures. At the age of 20, expect those tiny wrinkles. If your partner smokes as well, expect that sex will not be so satisfying. It’s because smoking negatively affects sensitivity in women and erudition in men. Smokers are more likely to become infertile than non-smokers. The stain in your teeth will be hard to eliminate but you can always seek help from a dentist. You just have to prepare yourself for the expensive teeth whitening cost.

At the age of 20, you are probably still looking for a better job or perhaps shaping your career. Smokers who are not financially stable are likely to experience budget shortage and will always find themselves worrying about their finances.

Age 30

If you are still lighting up at this age, you probably look much, much older than your years. Tobacco speeds up aging. Even if you wear a lot of makeup or use lots of skincare products, you will still look older. Your skin, which was pinkish and soft back in your teen years, will have turned grey, rough and lined. Your hair will have become dull and smelly. Going deeper in your body, your internal organs particularly your lungs, are most likely severely damaged. The toxins coming from tobacco smoke would have destroyed millions of your cells. Your brain, which has been deprived of oxygen, will start to lose some of its function. You will be at risk of memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and other forms of dementia.

At this age, fertility becomes a hard game. Women who smoke are likely to experience complications during their pregnancy. They are also at risk of miscarriage, prolonged labor, delivery problems, and cervical cancer. Their babies will share the consequences of smoking. Smoking moms are more likely to born underweight babies who are at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). These children will carry the effects of smoking for the rest of their life. They will be at risk of mental and behavioral disorders like poor learning skills, retardation, and ADHD.

Age 40

If you haven’t developed cancer yet, congratulations! But at this period of your life, you should be aware of the fact that the toxins you have collected since high school would have piled up in your body and it’s time for them to fire up. Studies found that one in 4 teen smokers die in middle age. At this age, it is most likely that you are experiencing various health problems.



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