Top 10 Reasons Why Smoking Makes You Ugly (Literally)

[widget id=”ad_unit-13″]ad_unit-13[/widget]Smoking gives you a complete makeover – the wrong way.

If you are a smoker, you are wasting money investing on beauty products such as whitening and anti-aging creams, branded makeup, and other cosmetic solutions. It’s because smoking takes the youthful glow of your face in many different ways that even if you hide it with thick foundation or concealer, the ugliness shows.

What does a smoker look like?

  1. People who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day look 1.4 times older than non-smokers, that a 20 year-old smoke looks like 28, a 30 year-old smoker looks 42, a 40 year-old smoker looks 56, and a 50 year-old smoker looks 70. Yes, smokers has literally taken on the wrinkles of non-smokers.
  2. Smokers develop more vivid wrinkles. These ugly lines radiate from at right angles from lower to the upper portion of the lips. Their wrinkles in the crow foot area are deeper, narrower, and sharper as compared to non-smokers.
  3. They lack rosy cheeks. Smoking blocks the blood from properly circulating in the veins. The face, which has very thin veins, does not get enough blood supply it needs to stay nourished. People who smoke tend to lose the rosiness of their cheeks that is why it is said that they their skin is grayish than their supposed-to-be normal colors.
  4. Smokers have deeper and shallower lines on their lower jaw and on the cheeks.
  5. Their skin is rough and dry. This is because it lacks healthy cells that maintain collagen – the key to a youthful skin. The deprivation of blood supply leads to the deprivation of essential nutrients and minerals that the skin needs to produce healthy cells and repair the damaged ones.
  6. Smokers have darker lips. People who smoke normally have dark lips even if they have naturally fair skin. The nicotine in tobacco sticks to the lips, causing a chemical reaction that darkens its color as a result. A lip darkening takes a long, long time to be removed that sometimes, surgical operation is needed.
  7. They have yellowish (yuck) teeth. It takes an expensive tooth whitening procedure to erase the stain of nicotine in the teeth. Imagine having dark lips and yellow teeth, your crush wouldn’t even dare (not even in his/her dreams) to kiss you!
  8. They have bad breath and smell. Even if they spray a gallon of an expensive perfume on their body, smokers stink! They may not realize it because they are already immune to their smell. But these people release body odor that no one would want to smell.
  9. Smoking causes dull hair. If the nutrients could reach your skin, how much more your hair? Smokers, no matter what shampoo they use or how often they go to the salon, are less likely to enjoy a beautiful, healthy and smooth hair.
  10. It triggers acne and other skin problems. You don’t want to have huge, ugly spots on your face right? So don’t smoke. Cigarettes are full of toxins that irritate the skin, which leads to infections like acne.

The face is just the beginning. Smoking affects your skin all over. Smokers suffer from dry and saggy skin. Aside from being ugly in the outside, they are also ugly in the inside because their organs are being damaged every time they light up.

If you want to be beautiful, quit smoking today!



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