10 Facts about Herbal Cigarettes (And Why they Won’t Help You Quit)

With the rising number of people dying due to smoking, herbal cigarettes came into popularity. These cigarettes contain banana peels, corn silk, and other herbal ingredients. Currently, herbal tobacco products are being sold in natural health stores. Though called alternative, they carry a warning label. Because the truth is, herbal cigarettes are just as bad as regular cigarettes.

These are the major reasons why herbal cigarettes are not good for your health:

  1. They contain harmful additives. The Federal Trade Commission found that natural tobacco manufacturers have lied to the public by concealing the fact that their products contain nicotine and additives that are harmful to the health. This is the reason why such companies were forced to add warning labels on their packaging.
  2. Research found that herbal cigarettes contain the same level of nicotine with that of regular (commercial) cigarettes. Nicotine has been known to change some brain receptors which lead to various mental health issues. This addictive substance also blocks the flow of oxygen throughout the cells, and prevents the nutrients from being properly absorbed by the body.
  3. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, herbal cigarettes become very dangerous when burned – just as dangerous with traditional cigarettes. Such chemicals increase the risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and other serious health diseases.
  4. These cigarettes (also called bidis) are wrapped in Tendu leaves which are very hard to burn. This creates fumes that contain highly carcinogenic substances and other toxins that harm the lungs.
  5. Herbal cigarettes also contain tar which is a known type of toxic substance. Such sticky, black compound can severely damage the lungs and other vital body organs.
  6. They also contain carbon monoxide – the white, odorless and tasteless gas that when ingested in higher consultations, can be deadly. People who accumulate more of this toxic substance may suffer from extreme headache, dizziness, irritability, and difficulty in breathing.
  7. Even though these tobacco products do not contain nicotine, they still let a person inhale smoke that contains carbon monoxide which causes an elevation in the blood pressure and the deprivation of oxygen in most parts of the body, including the heart.
  8. Any type of cigarette (whether traditional or herbal) increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and many other serious health problems.
  9. Some people use herbal cigarettes as a replacement for tobacco. However, there is no way that plant-based cigars could help people quit from smoking. Even though they don’t have nicotine, there are still lots of deadly chemicals contained in them.
  10. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, herbal cigarettes become highly dangerous when burned. Also, their contents change biochemically during ignition, producing more unwanted toxic compounds.

Quitting smoking today could not be made easy by using herbal tobacco. They are still unhealthy products that have the ability to negatively affect your health. There is no better way to quit than undergoing scientifically proven treatments.



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