5 Ways to Improve Your Lungs after Quitting

Congratulations for deciding to quit smoking today! 95% of lung cancer cases are due to smoking. The toxic compounds found in tobacco weaken the lungs and make it more vulnerable to diseases, particularly cancer. However, studies show the body starts to experience healing as soon as 20 minutes from your last puff. So it’s never really too late to stop and become healthy once again!

Now, what if you have the chance to speed up your body’s recovery from the ill-effects of smoking? What if it’s possible to revive the health of your lungs and make it “brand” new again? Well, it’s possible! Here are the safest, most effective and easiest ways to improve your lungs after quitting smoking:

  1. Try HIIT. Exercise is the best way to improve your lungs. To get better results at the shortest time possible, you may want to try engaging in high intensity interval training. Try running or biking for 20 minutes, with every 30 seconds in an “all-out” mode and 90 seconds of moderate intensity. With HIIT, you do not have to exercise every day. Twice a week will do. In just a couple of days, you will gain more energy and you will have less problems breathing, doing strenuous physical activities, and your respiratory system will greatly improve! You may also do some breathing exercises. The moment you wake up in the morning each day, spare at least 5 minutes breathing slowly and deeply.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. The National Cancer Institute recommends eating five portions of fruits and vegetables per day. What you eat has a direct impact on the recovery of your lungs from the damages brought by smoking. Fruits and veggies are the best source of antioxidants and other essential compounds that repair damaged cells and help produce new ones. By supplying your lungs with the nutrients it need, you can boost your respiratory health to a great extent!
  3. Drink more water. You want to keep your lungs hydrated as much as possible because they use up moisture in every single breath you take. It is recommended that you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day to replenish lost fluids caused by smoking. Also, water helps flush away toxins from your body.
  4. Stay away from pollution. Avoid going to bars and restaurants where a lot of people smoke. At home, invest on air purifiers or filters to prevent inhaling dust and other allergens. Remember, your lungs had enough of these things when you were still smoking. So why add more?
  5. Have your lungs checked. It is essential that you see your doctor regularly (at least twice a year) to undergo general checkup. Some smokers tend to develop serious lung disease even after quitting. As early as today, you want to be aware of the condition of your lungs so you can do something about any problem it has before it’s too late.



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