10 Steps to Help your Parents Quit Smoking Today

Our parents are usually the ones who ought to tell us what to do and what not to do. But what if one of your parents (or both of them) smokes? If you are concerned about their health, you could go pass the boundaries and tell them to stop smoking now.

But how do you encourage them to quit in a way they wouldn’t feel offended, upset or angry? Here are 10 steps to help your parents quit smoking now:

  1. Express your sentiments. The first thing you want to do to help your parents quit smoking today is to tell them how you feel every time you see them light up. Tell them how you wish they weren’t smoking and state your reasons. For sure, you will never run out of reasons because smoking does NO good to anyone. But above all, you want to tell them that you are doing this because you don’t want them to become sick and you are looking to enjoy a lot more years with them.
  2. Learn about nicotine addiction. If you are serious of helping your parents quit, you should start reading books, news and other materials about smoking. Unless you are a smoker, you might find it hard to understand why many people, despite their willingness to quit, couldn’t drop the habit. Consult a smoking cessation expert if you have to. This way, you will be able to relate with your parents more and find the best ways to help them quit.
  3. Relay the info. You may want to share all the information you found out about smoking and how to quit to your parents. There are many self-help books that focus on harnessing willpower to quit – a very important aspect of a successful smoking cessation.
  4. Ask why. People smoke for different reasons. Some light up to relieve stress and cope with boredom, while others smoke because their colleagues do. Ask your parents what their smoking triggers are. This will greatly help you in your quest of helping them quit.
  5. Show your willingness to support. It’s not enough that you express your feelings about the unhealthy habit of your parents. It’s not enough that you tell them “please quit smoking now”. You also want to assure your parents that you are going to be there along the way to support them.
  6. Bond with them. When was the last time you went out together? Spending time with your parents will discourage them to smoke especially now that they know you don’t want to see them smoking.
  7. Take off their smoking triggers. Put some effort cleaning the house and maintaining it. Take off ashtrays and other stuff that will trigger your parents to smoke.
  8. Advice your parents to seek professional help. Encourage your parents to seek counseling or medical advice if needed. There are treatments and medications that can make smoking cessation a lot easier.
  9. Make a deal. Tell your parents you are willing to do them a great favor if they stop smoking today. If you’re already working, maybe you can promise a travel adventure or a precious reward (gift) if they don’t smoke for a week. If you’re still a student, you may promise to improve your grades if they quit. This will make your parents realize you are willing to sacrifice just to help them quit.
  10. Do a follow-up. Once your parents attempted to quit smoking, stick around for support. They will need you a lot. Also, check on them every now and then, even through phone or email.

Isn’t it great to save a life? And what could be more satisfying than saving the life of the people you love the most!



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