5 Tips on Getting Back to Normal after Chantix Therapy

Chantix is one of the most effective smoking cessation treatments available today. Unlike conventional methods, it does not involve the use of nicotine to suppress cravings. Instead, it blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain so the smoker finds tobacco less pleasurable.

However, Chantix is not without any downside. Some people report having experienced behavioral changes such as mood swings, depression, and agitation while taking Chantix and even after using it.  Some also experience withdrawal symptoms like insomnia and irritability. If you have successfully quit smoking through Chantix and is about to stop using the medication, here are some tips that you will find useful. Following them will help you get back to normal after the treatment.

  1. Tell your doctor about any unpleasant side effect that you may experience after going off Chantix. While most symptoms are mild and tolerable, there is a possibility of more serious side effects like skin reactions and behavioral problems. Your doctor can provide you with treatment options that can counteract the side effects of the drug.
  2. Do not stop immediately. You might feel that you no longer crave for smoking and you have completely recovered from your nicotine addiction that you decide to stop taking Chantix then and there. Don’t do this. Any drug, especially those that are prescribed, must be taken in the right amount and in the right duration. Otherwise, it may lead to complications and severe side effects.
  3. Focus on your goal of quitting smoking for good. It is normal to experience craving to light up once again after taking off the medication especially when you experience the side effects of taking off Chantix. But if you will bear in your mind your goal of quitting smoking forever, you can always manage the symptoms.
  4. Seek support from friends and family. Before going off from Chantix, inform your friends and family about it. They are the best people to help you manage the unwanted side effects (if there are) after withdrawing from the drug. Let them know that you may experience behavioral changes so they can deal with you better and understand you more.
  5. Learn some relaxation techniques. Mood swings and other symptoms of depression may be effectively dealt with using a range of relaxation techniques. Learn some breathing and stretching exercises that you can utilize during highly stressful situations. You may also consider signing up for a yoga or mindfulness meditation class. Exercising on a regular basis also helps lighten up your mood and relieve smoking cravings.

If you have successfully quit smoking using Chantix (for sure you will, do not forget to treat yourself. Go out, shop, dine out with friends, and take a vacation and travel. Indulging in recreational activities will help you feel more like everything is normal again and forget about smoking again.



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