4 Tips to Empower Your Mind to Quit Smoking

Unlike other bad habits, smoking is a form of addiction that takes huge effort and determination to eliminate. Studies tell us that it is difficult to quit and only a very small portion of the world’s population who attempt to do so succeed.

But this does not mean that quitting smoking today is impossible. Whatever the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. By empowering your mind, you can stop smoking now without experiencing any undesirable effect such as craving.

There are simple ways to condition your mind towards a smoke-free lifestyle. Take note of the following steps and try to do them. They will prepare you to your quest of quitting smoking.

 1.  Write it down.

Studies show that people who write about their feelings and emotions are more likely to feel better afterwards. For this challenge, limit your words into three. Write down your goal of quitting smoking without exceeding this word count. You can also obtain quit smoking pictures and post them all on your wall, in your office desk, in your car, and similar places. These visual representations will remind you that you are undergoing smoking cessation and that sooner; you will forever drop the habit.

 2.  Visualize a cigarette-free life.

Go to an open, quiet space. Preferably, in the garden, near the sea, or somewhere close to a natural environment. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. While you do, feel the fresh air going through you. No nicotine, tar, and other chemical compounds that pollute your lungs every time you smoke. Then, visualize a healthier you. No smoker’s cough, no illness – nothing but a healthy body. Visualize yourself having extra money for vacation and not for medications. Visualizing is one great way to make yourself crave for the positive results strong enough to make your goal a reality.

 3.  Bust your wrong beliefs about smoking.

Just because other people find it hard to quit smoking doesn’t mean you will also experience the same. Remember, it’s all in the mind. If you think that you are not going to make it, then you won’t. Your actions are a product of your mind. Before quitting smoking, think of this – the process is easy. You are going to make it. There will be no craving, whatsoever. There will be no headache, irritation, anxiety, and all those unwanted effects. When you stop smoking, you have nothing to give up. You are simply setting yourself free.

 4.  Be positive.

Sure there will be bad times. There will be moments of relapse. But as long as you stay positive, everything will end up well. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Whether you plan to take medication, see a psychotherapist or a medical professional, or undergo a rehabilitation program, believe that you are going to succeed.

How you think and perceive things will greatly impact the result of your smoking cessation endeavor. By empowering your mind, you are increasing your chance of successfully quitting smoking today.



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