5 Reasons Why Vape is Not a Good Quitting Cessation Option

Vapes is what many call it. It is also known as e-cig, electronic cigarette, e-cigarette or vapor cigarette. Research on the effects of vapes, whether beneficial of detrimental, is still in its course due to the limited control samples and due to its recent invention.

Normally, the electronic cigarettes come as tobacco replacement or as smoking cessation kit. It is an electronic inhaler vaporizing propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin solution diluted with nicotine. An electronic component in the device vaporize the pressurized liquid into a smoke like vapor that can be inhaled and serve as the means for the nicotine to be delivered into the bloodstream through the lungs. Different manufacturers offer these vapes in varying sizes shapes and designs anyone can imagine.

Vapes are gaining more and more popularity to the smoking populace because they think it’s less harmful. Let’s see…

1. Flavored but odorless smoke. Yet, it does have nicotine too. Much more like the nicotine patches for nicotine craving bodies, it delivers the same nicotine needs or wants of the smoker without affecting others especially the non-smokers. It delivers flavored but odorless smoke which will satisfy chain smokers’ taste without being an annoyance especially to those who do not smoke. As smoking cessation kits, vapes help heavy smokers get the feel of real smoking without the feeling of deprivation. But it doesn’t alleviate nicotine addiction. You are still hook. If you stopped smoking the vape, you will crave for it.

3. It has harmful substances too. Propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, or vegetable glycerin solutions are already being used as food additives, asthma inhalers and base solution for hygiene and care products like the toothpaste. The e-juice or e-liquid solution may come in various flavors like menthol, vanilla, coffee, fruits, cola and even the regular tobacco. Research is still going on to determine what other compounds are present in vapes.

4. It is not environment-friendly. Contrary to the popular claim, these cigarettes also contribute to pollution. Aside from dumping harmful substances to the environment, vapes or electronic cigarettes are made with rechargeable batteries either through a standard AC to C supply or a 5 volt USB port of your PC or Laptop. Depending on the battery manufacturer, these batteries may have varying charge cycles.

5. It doesn’t break the habit. Traditional pipes and cigars made their mark as symbols of elegance and wealth among business and political tycoons. And cigarettes made popular by movie icons made their mark on the middle and lower classes of the society. But with the advancement of science and health awareness, these icons of elegance are slowly tumbling down. Although it has fewer toxic compounds than traditional cigarettes, there is no concrete evidence that vapes are 100% safe and risk-free. It is not even considered as a smoking cessation method, rather an alternative to tobacco. There are many forms of treatment that can help you quit smoking today. They are safer, more effective and scientifically tested.




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