5 Self-Help Pointers to Quit Smoking

It is true that quitting a habit is really hard especially if it has been going on for a long time. However there will never be any better help you can get but that which that comes from yourself. Your family and loved ones are a great support, friends and other people’s experiences and advices are good source of wisdom and information, but the ultimate decision and control will come from you. No matter how many people around try to help you quit smoking today, they will all be in vain if you do not do anything yourself.

Here are 5 self-help pointers so you can quit smoking.

1. Be Informed. Know what you are getting into. If you are not yet too much into the habit Quit-Smoking-42714874of smoking then it would most likely be a whole lot easier to simply say “I’m quitting smoking.” But the longer the habit, the harder to change it and much more quit it. Get to know what it takes to quit smoking. Get as many information you could on the things you may be experiencing as you begin your quest. Check the internet regarding experiences and expert opinions regarding quitting smoking. Get to know the side effects while quitting and their difficulties. Learn the counter measures and different solutions in each type of difficulty.

2. Plan your course of action. Once you know what you are getting into and the possible obstacles you would be getting into make a plan. Make sure to write them down so you do not get tempted to cheat or revise it. Set a target date. Also integrate into the plan the counter measures you see fit for you in each foreseen obstacles you would encounter. List the details of the plans every step of the way like beginning to trim down the number of sticks you smoke, physical and mental exercises plans and the activities you are integrating to achieve your goal.

3. Find a good support group. Support groups do not always have to be the clinical types wherein there is a facilitator and other smokers needing help to quit. Yours can be your family or even few family members who may have succeeded to quit smoking or one who never smoked who understands and support your quest. This is a good way of counteracting bursts of depression that you may encounter and an immediate help line when things seem to be off control.

4. Find a new interesting activity. Find a very interesting activity that would be more important than smoking. If there seemed to none, pick those activities or routines that could help you calm down and relax. For example, if you got hooked into smoking due to stress, try an activity that would help regulate your breathing to help ease out tension. Find an activity that would suit your schedule and interests like fishing, gardening, yoga classes and so on.

5. Stick to your plan. Review your plans so you can stay on track and be able to monitor your progress.



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