10 Things Non-Smokers Hate about Smokers

Many smokers don’t care whether they are puffing right in front of a one-year old baby, a person with asthma, or a senior having difficulty breathing due to the smoke. Most of all, they seem to care less about the health effects that their dangerous habit may bring to other people.

Here are the top 10 things many people hate about those who smoke:

  1. Their smell. Non-smokers despise the awful smell of smokers. What’s more depressing is that smokers do not notice this (probably they are already immune of their smell). Even if they spray tons of perfume, they stink!
  2. They take a 10-minute break every hour. Smoking gives many employees a great cover to get up from their workstation and loiter. Statistics show that smoking contributes to productivity loss. And it’s really unfair for those who are working hard enough if the company closes due to profit loss.
  3. Smokers don’t choose where they will light up. They light up anywhere – in the restaurants, comfort rooms, air-conditioned rooms, playgrounds, etc. They seem not to care who else is going to inhale the toxic smoke they puff.
  4. They strive to earn money for living but they waste it to die. Little they know that all the money in their bank account that they worked so hard to save can all be spent in drugs and medical procedures the moment they are diagnosed with serious health problem. Cigarettes are very expensive (especially now that taxes have been levied on them). But smokers don’t care (or they just don’t want to care).
  5. They deny that smoking makes them sick. Smoking causes and aggravates stress. It elevates blood pressure which increases their risk of heart disease and stroke. Smoking also causes cancer, and everyone who smokes knows this fact. Yet they deny it.
  6. Some of them pretend smoking is a sign of rebellion when it fact, they use it as a means of fitting in.
  7. They try to compensate the unhealthy effects of smoking by observing healthy habits like exercising and eating a balanced diet. But even if they do all these, the risk of developing serious illness is still present until they quit smoking for good.
  8. They think smoking is cool. What’s cool about suffocating yourself and stuffing toxins and hazardous chemicals in your lungs? What’s cool with having yellowish teeth and bad smell?
  9. They don’t care if there are children around. Even if they are with their own children, they still light up. Although they know that they are polluting the air and the environment, and compromising their children’s health, they still let their cigarette craving flourish and take control of them.
  10. They want to quit but they don’t want to try. Some smokers understand that they need to quit as soon as possible but they are so scared to experience the withdrawal symptoms. They are afraid that they could not live without smoking. They gave up even before trying.

Are you a smoker?



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