3 Practical Things to Consider Before You Light that Stick

There are tons of reasons why people smoke. For some people, smoking keeps them calm and relaxed, helps them sleep, and keep their bodies warm in cold areas or seasons.  For others, cigarettes are a great pair for alcohol, and for many, it makes them superior and macho/sexy. As the habits are passed on from father to son and then on to grandsons, the smoking tradition goes on and on. It has even gained acceptance in women.

Amazingly, with the spread of knowledge and modern science, smokers are greatly aware of the negative effects of smoking and yet continuously patronizing their old habits. They “know” the adverse effects but they set the facts aside. Many even reason out and circumvent the truth to defend their stand. That is but natural; however here are 3 practical things to consider before lighting up that stick.

1. You are patronizing the rich tobacco capitalist. What do you really get from smoking? Alright, it helps calm you down allowing you to work further into the night because you are able to think clearly, it keeps you warm when it is cold, so on and so forth. With all its risk and adverse effects to your health, what do you really profit from it? Do you get paid for your endorsements? They alone profit from your misery and of others who get hit by is negative side effects.

2. You seem to hate your life and slowly but surely, you are committing suicide. Crazy isn’t it? Why would you dare kill yourself? You may not have the intention but with what you are doing, you are giving yourself sure slow death. It keeps you awake for work or class and maybe kept you awake to finish your revolutionary invention that will make you rich! Rich you may become but would you live long enough to benefit from what you worked for? It is precisely the point – you are working hard to enjoy life, not to short-live it. Instead of forcing yourself to stay awake, why not give your body a break and a chance to recover and when you wake up continue? Isn’t it simply a matter of time and activity management so you can arrange yourself enough rest so you stay awake at school or at work, why blame it to not smoking?

3. You are helping others experience a slow, painful death. With each puff, you dump to the environment harmful substances that are not good for you and for others’ health. Second hand smoke is more dangerous than the first-hand smoke. Weren’t you the only smoker? Yes, but why would you add? Aren’t the petroleum vehicles giving off more smoke than your cigarette? Yes, but then again, why would you add? People inhaling second hand smoke will be affected more than the smokers themselves; you then are then giving others slow painful deaths just faster than yours.




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