Quit Smoking: Don’t Belong To The Stupid Party (Don’t Be a 2012 Republican)

The Republican Party is still trying to figure out “What just happened?” After their candidate got beat like a drum on NOV 6th. But the Republicans loss is your gain or at least it could be.

Here is the lesson to be learned from the 2012 Republicans about smoking:

  1. An effort must be made to become educated on why you smoke.
  2. And with that knowledge use the most effective tools to quit.

You must make every effort to choose the right approach and more importantly the right approach for YOU to quit smoking. The consequence of picking the wrong method or having the wrong thinking on smoking is failing to quit. And worse yet thinking that you cannot quit no matter what you try.

If you have reached the sad conclusion that you cannot quit smoking. It is because you are unfamiliar with the truth about why you smoke and what to do to quit successfully. Like the Republicans before the 2012 election you may really believe you are right in your approach. And ignore all the evidence to the contrary and even proclaim that your candidate will win by a landslide.

You should always embrace the facts. Otherwise you will be surprised like the Republicans in the morning after the election when you bitterly learn that things did not go your way. If you ignore the truth, if you choose to make your own reality instead you will pay dearly for it. In essence what you are actually doing is beating your head against the wall and making what could be much easier to accomplish infinitely more difficult. Embrace reality no matter how bitter it may be. You have to be on the side of truth and your walk will be sure and your goals achievable if it involves quitting smoking or anything else.

Take this test to determine your level of dependence on nicotine http://bit.ly/Srl0fD



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