Smoking Cessation Checklist: 5 Important Things to Prepare Before Quitting


Quitting smoking can be a tough undertaking. But if you are well-prepared, you have a very high chance of beating the odds and succeeding. Just like taking a math examination. You can be clueless of how to solve a certain problem but if you invest time preparing for it, you are sure to score high! So before saying “adieu” to smoking, here are some things you need to do first. Cross each one out if you already accomplished it.

  1. Set a quit date. And stick to it! Before your quit date, start cleaning your desk, your room, and your entire house. Take away the things that will trigger you to light up. Wash the curtains and clean the furniture because surely, the smell of tobacco is still on them.
  2. Know your foes. Determine the challenges that you are likely to meet along the way. They may be your habits like going to the bars, chilling out with friends who smoke, etc. When you know what your smoking triggers are, you can think of the best ways to beat them this early.
  3. Pick a smoking cessation method. How are you going to defy the smoker in you? Are you going to just quit cold turkey? Will you take medications? Will use patches? When picking a smoking cessation method, it is best to take time understanding their pros and cons. Consider the success rate of each one. Also consider your personal circumstances. How long have you been smoking? Are you a nicotine addict or just a social smoker? If you have been diagnosed for having nicotine addiction, it is less likely that quitting cold turkey will work for you. Do you have existing health condition? If you do, you might want to ask your doctor first if you taking medication should not be considered part of your smoking cessation strategy. There are a lot of things to be considered.
  4. Get ready for the relapse period. Although backsliding doesn’t always happen, it may. There will come a time when you will feel the urge to smoke. Don’t worry. Relapse is normal in quitting smoking. But the relapse can take you back to the same old, bad habit. So before it happens, make sure you already have plan B, C and D if plan A doesn’t work out!
  5. Avoid alcohol. If you are a smoker, you are likely to smoke when you drink alcohol. Many smokers find alcohol much more enjoyable when accompanies with cigarettes. And when you’re a bit drunk, it’s easy to go with the flow of the situation and smoke. Before you know it, you already consumed a pack of cigarettes! So as much as possible, avoid drinking alcohol. After all, it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Stay positive and surround yourself with highly optimistic people. Seek help if necessary and make sure your friends and family know about your plan to quit. This way, they can give you the best support they could possibly give!




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