Avoiding Binge-Eating after Smoking Cessation: 8 Tips

One of the greatest excuses of smokers when quitting is that they are afraid of gaining weight. While some people are able to quit smoking, they go back to the same habit after realizing that they are getting extra pounds.

But just because you quit smoking doesn’t mean you will become fatter than ever. There’s a very limited research that proves quitting smoking causes weight gain. Possibly, smokers tend to shift their nicotine craving to foods that’s why they get excess fats. But with the following tips, you can have a smoke-free life for the rest of your days without worrying about gaining weight!

 1.  Don’t skip meals!

Skipping meals will trigger your body to convert unused energy into fats. Not only this, you are more likely to eat too much on your next meal! Experts suggest eating smaller portions at least 5 times a day. Yes, this means you will have to snack other than eating your regular meals.

 2.  Take a walk after your meal.

To avoid belly fat, it is best to get up from the table and take a walk for 10-15 minutes. This facilitates easy digestion.

 3.  Chew a gum.

Your cigarette craving might lead to binge-eating. So this does not happen, you want to keep your mouth busy. What could be a better way than chewing a gum? But don’t forget to choose the gum that has fewer calories!

 4.  Munch on low-calorie foods

Instead of snacking on bagels, cookies, and chips, why not munch on fruits and vegetables? Broccoli, carrots, apple, and other fruits and vegetables are rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that even if you eat more of them, they will not going to make you fat.

 5.  Get enough sleep.

Sleep is a very important aspect of a fit and healthy body. People who sleep for 6 hours or less are at risk of obesity and other serious diseases. So make sure you are able to sleep for 7 or 8 hours. During the day, have a power nap. This can help you make up for the nights you didn’t sleep well.

 6.  Sweat your fats out!

Make it a habit to exercise regularly. When you do, you strengthen your muscles and convert them into a fat-burning machine! Exercising also alleviates cigarette craving so that means you will not have any reason to binge-eat!

 7.  Keep yourself busy.

If after eating your meal you still feel hungry, it’s time to do some diversionary tactics! Your goal is to keep yourself busy. Engage in enjoyable activities like sports, read a book, go out and chat with friends, etc. After all, cravings only last for 5 minutes, reported Weight Control Information Network.

 8.  Choose your food.

You don’t have to deprive yourself with your favorite treats. Just be a little peaky! For instance, when buying milk, choose the low-fat one. Do the same with other dairy products. Instead of white bread, choose bagels made from whole grains. They are tastier and fibrous, so you will not feel very hungry for a long period of time.



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