Nicotine Addiction: 7 Myths and the Truth behind them

Nicotine addiction is a growing concern in many countries, including the United States. It is estimated that 20% of population smoke. This is linked to the rising number of deaths caused by preventable diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

Many people think that addiction is something a person will not be able to escape from once he or she has developed it. Some believe that intensive medical intervention is necessary to bust the addiction and quit smoking for good. But how true are these claims? Let’s look at the 10 myths about nicotine addiction and their corresponding realities.

Myth #01: Nearly all people who try to smoke end up addicted.

Not really. There are two kinds of smokers – the social smoker and the smoking addict. Many smokers can quit anytime they want – no big deal. But those who get severely hooked may find it difficult to quit smoking. However, you don’t want to take risks. You’ll never know whether you will or will not develop nicotine addiction. So why try?

Myth #02: Addiction is inbred.

Addiction is a person’s way of coping with himself and with the world.

Myth #03: Once an addict, always an addict.

With full determination, anyone who has developed nicotine addiction can get over it and stop smoking for good. But it is necessary that he or she does not light up again or it may lead to a relapse.

Myth #04: Relapse can happen without any warning.

Relapse never happens without warning. The idea of “relapse” is developed in the mind. Thoughts of cigarettes are normal in a person undergoing smoking cessation. But if unmanaged, they can lead to trouble.

Myth #05: Nicotine addiction is better than alcohol addiction.

Although both of them are harmful, smoking has more health effects than alcoholism. One cigarette contains thousands of toxins that damage the cells. It’s true you won’t feel sloppy with just one cigarette than a glass of strong beer. But the damaging effects of smoking will start to occur in your body several munities after your first puff.

Myth #06: Those who are able to quit will always miss smoking.

Everyone has the ability to make lasting changes in their thinking that will give them ultimate freedom from tobacco.

Myth #07: Nicotine patch and gums are the only way to quit.

There are many other forms of smoking cessation that are effective and safe. They include medications (such as Chantix) and psychotherapy. Quit smoking experts discourage the use of nicotine-containing products as a quit smoking method.

Sadly, thousands of people are tied to a habit that they wished they hadn’t started in the first place. Nicotine addiction gradually destroys our health and beat us down until we can no longer fight back. But thumping nicotine addiction is possible and there’s always a high chance of success. There are a variety of treatments that are proven effective in helping smokers quit the habit for good. Don’t think you can’t make it. With enough information and strong willpower, you will.



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