Smoking Bans: Top 6 Pros

Many people only see the negative side of smoking ban, while others only see the positive side. On this article, let us examine its pros and cons so you can decide for yourself whether you will favor it or not.

Getting to know the facts

The concept of smoking ban is not new. The very first recorded smoking ban was introduced by Pope Urban VII in 1950. He banned smoking in the premises of the church, and if anyone is caught lighting up, he or she will be excommunicated. But cigarettes are very powerful. Many people still smoked and became addicted. At the start of the 20th century, citizens have started to realize the hazardous effects of smoking. Many business establishments restricted costumers from smoking in their offices and allowed them to smoke only in designated areas. Then, the government intervened and created encouraged even the private sectors to observe smoking ban.

The Pros:

  1. Smoking ban helps control the proliferation of secondhand smoke. In turn, this reduces the health risks associated with smoking.
  2. Smoking in public places raises the possibility of children being influenced by adults to indulge in such unhealthy habit. Children tend to copy behaviors they see from older people – whether they are wrong or right.
  3. Studies show that smoking bans have reduced the number of people suffering from heart attack.
  4. Smoking ban supports people who are in the process of quitting. When they don’t see people lighting up, their cigarette craving will not be intensified.
  5. Many people are encouraged to quit smoking because they believe they are just being restricted from lighting up in several areas anyway.
  6. Smoking ban makes cigarette smoking a morally wrong concept. It openly reminds people that it is not right to smoke.
  7. Fewer people will be affected by secondhand smoke.

The Cons:

  1. A lot of restaurants, disco houses and recreational businesses are losing many customers because of smoking bans.
  2. Not all smokers abide by the law, even though there are penalties imposed.
  3. Many people view smoking ban as an encroachment to their personal rights.
  4. Some people become more curious of smoking because of the ban.

As you can see, smoking ban has a lot of advantages than disadvantages. But full smoking ban is much, much better than partial ban. The problem is there are many, many challenges, ranging from social to political, economic and cultural diversities.

It is very important that smokers realize they should quit not because they will be penalized if they smoke in restricted areas. If that’s the case, they will smoke in their homes, inside their cars, or anywhere where there is no prohibition. That means they are still endangering their health. Quitting smoking becomes more useful if one understands how smoking can ruin his or her life, family, finances, and health. If you want to quit smoking today, you need motivation. And that motivation should start within you.



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