Top 10 FAQs when Quitting Smoking

Are you a smoker trying to quit? Lack of information can hinder you from achieving your goal. So before you proceed with smoking cessation, you might want to take a few minutes learning more about it. These are the most frequently asked questions about quitting smoking:

1.  Why should I quit?

Why not? After all, smoking does nothing good to your health. It increases your risk of serious illnesses including heart disease and cancer. Smoking makes you sick from head to foot. It makes your skin ugly, your teeth yellow and your overall appearance ugly.

 2.  When should I quit?

Quit as soon as possible. But make sure you are prepared. It is important that you set a quit date.

 3.  When I decide to quit, what’s the very thing should I do?

After setting up a quit date, consider talking to a smoking cessation specialist. He or she can give you plenty of ideas on how to quit as smoothly as possible.

 4.  What medication is best for me?

There are numerous smoking cessation treatments available in the market today. Among the most popular are Chantix, Zyban, and nicotine patch.

 5.  What can I do to suppress nicotine cravings?

There are many things you can do to restrain smoking cravings. Exercise, avoid drinking coffee and soft drinks, avoid going to places where smoking is rampant, and practise relaxation techniques.

 6.  What if I slip?

Don’t worry. Majority of smokers go through several attempts before finally quitting. If you fail, try to determine what caused you to slip and find ways to deal with them. Let it not discourage you. Maybe the smoking cessation method you are using is not appropriate to your lifestyle. Don’t be scared to try different quit smoking solutions until you find the one that works.

 7.   I feel depressed whenever I try to quit. Is there anything I can do?

Anxiety is often associated with quitting smoking. It is normal to feel depressed and anxious. These negative emotions are part of the smoking cessation process. The good thing is that they are only temporary. After two weeks or so, you will notice that your anxiety levels will subside. Exercising, meditating and engaging in relaxing activates are likely to prevent you from feeling depressed.

 8.  I’m afraid that quitting smoking will make me fat.

Not really. If you will eat lots of high-calorie foods and will not exercise, you will certainly gain weight. Some smokers who quit divert their cravings to fatty meals and snacks. As a result, they gain more weight.

 9.  Is there anyone I can seek help from?

The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and the American Lung Association are just few of the numerous organizations that offer help and support to smokers trying to quit.

 10.   Is it safe to use nicotine replacement products?

The amount of nicotine contained in these smoking cessation treatments are about one-third of the amount you get from cigarettes. Doctors discourage using medications that contain nicotine.





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