15 Things You May Not Know about Smoking

Smoking doesn’t have any benefit at all. But how come millions of people are still smoking? Why do they bother spending buying a crap? Why do they still smoke even if they know they are slowly killing themselves?

Maybe you know a lot of things about smoking. Maybe you know that it causes cancer, heart disease, even fertility problems. But are the things you know enough to motivate you to quit? If not, here are some other things you should know:

  1. It may take as few as 6 cigarettes a day to get addicted! So beware. If you think trying will not lead to nicotine addiction, think again.
  2. Smoking causes destructive changes in the brain receptors. Sometimes, the changes are permanent and usually affect cognitive functions.
  3. 80% of ex-smokers return to their old habit after lighting up one cigarette even if they’ve stopped many years ago.
  4. Majority of nicotine addicts are those who began smoking while they were still teenagers (on average – 12 to 13 years of age).
  5. People who smoke “light” cigarettes are often the ones who develop serious health problems such as peripheral lung tumors. There are plenty of reasons for this. First, light cigarettes contain the same amount of toxins that regular cigarettes do. Second, smokers have to drag longer and harder so they can get the same amount of nicotine.
  6. Only 5% of smokers who want to quit seek help, even if doing so can greatly increase their chance of quitting smoking for good. Studies show that smokers who seek help from trained advisers are more likely to stay smoke-free for a long time than those who don’t by 30%.
  7. Smoking doubles your risk of dementia. The worst thing you can do to the people who love you is to forget that they ever exist! If you smoke, you inflict damage in your brain that affects memory on a long-term.
  8. Smoking increases the risk of depression, anxiety and other behavioral disorders. People who smoke and drink alcohol beverages are more prone to suffering from these illnesses.
  9. It depletes antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals in the body. A smoker’s body loses vitamin C by 30%.
  10. Majority of smokers don’t make it through old age. Research shows that smoking reduces life expectancy by 7-8 years. But cutting back early (especially in mid-years) can cut the risk of dying early.
  11. Every system in the body is affected by smoking, including vascular system. This is why those who smoke are at high risk of stroke and heart disease.
  12. Men who smoke in their twenties and even mid-years are prone to fertility problems. In fact, 50% of them experience erectly dysfunction by the age of 40-50.
  13. Smoking during pregnancy is responsible for the death of 5000 fetuses every year. Majority of babies born by smoking moms who survived experience health issues such as mental impairment, nutritional problem, and poor immune system.
  14. Smoking can cost you a fortune. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you spend 2 415.9 dollars a year killing yourself!
  15. Nicotine is more addictive than alcohol and heroine.



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