Identifying Your Smoking Habits: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Many people fail to quit smoking for good because they are not familiar with their smoking habits. But knowing such habits are highly important to ensure success and prevent a relapse. By asking these questions to yourself, you can easily identify your smoking habits:

1.  Do you smoke while drinking coffee in the morning?

Majority of smokers have the habit of lighting up first hour in the morning as they sip a cup of warm coffee. But isn’t it too early to fill your body with toxins and hazardous compounds?  Did you know that caffeine doubles the mood-enhancing effects of cigarette? To avoid relapse, why not replace your morning coffee with something that doesn’t contain caffeine? Try having a glass of luscious smoothie made from a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables. Research shows that consuming fruits and veggies help suppress nicotine craving.

 2.  How many cigarettes do you consume in a day?

A lot of smokers do not know how much tobacco they inhale on a regular basis. If you are planning to quit, it is important that you figure this out. If you have severe case of nicotine addiction that you tend to consume one pack (or more) a day, you may need to use a more effective smoking cessation method. Consider undergoing treatments or taking prescription medications.

 3.  Are you more of a social smoker?

Some people only smoke when they are attending social celebrations with friends or relatives. Others who smoke tend to increase their cigarette consumption when they are hanging out with their colleagues. Maybe this is the best time to avoid attending social gatherings that involve alcohol and cigarettes. There are healthier and more fun ways to socialize anyway.

 4.  Do you drink?

Studies reveal that most alcohol drinkers are also cigarette smokers. If you want to increase you chance of quitting smoking today and for the rest of your life, you should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

 5.  What healthy activities do you engage in?

Quitting smoking becomes more effective when you add healthier habits to your lifestyle. Exercising, eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and adopting relaxation techniques are all going to help you succeed in quitting smoking.

Stop Smoking Now – Where Do You Start?

Once you have identified your smoking habits, it’s time that you choose the best form of treatment that will work for you. How do you pick a smoking cessation method? You can either consult a health professional or conduct your own research. Anyway, there are a lot of available resources on and off the web. Don’t be discouraged if one method failed to help you quit. You can always try for as many times as necessary until you find the perfect solution.



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