5 Key Life Events that Motivate People to Quit Smoking for Good

For many people, quitting is very hard to do. It takes courage, dedication, and willpower to bust the habit. But research shows that most smokers are able to quit in a snap when confronted with certain events, decisions or resolutions in life. What are these major life transitions?

1. New Year’s Resolution – a Healthier Lifestyle

Nearly two weeks to go and 2012 is over! Indeed, time flies by so, so fast. This coming New Year’s day, around 7 million people are going to make a resolution to live a healthier life. They will make a promise to themselves that they are going to quit smoking, avoid drinking alcohol, lose some weight and start exercising.

 2. Marriage

Love is at its best when it inspires you to become a better person. Some smokers get motivated to stop smoking after meeting the love of their life. Having a non-smoking boyfriend or girlfriend is one great way to help yourself quit and avoid suffering from the ill effects of tobacco.

 3. Pregnancy

Statistics show that the rate of female smokers in America has significantly increased in the past years. But for most women, becoming a mom is one of the best motivations to quit smoking. If you are expecting a baby, you know how smoking can harm your little angel’s health. It can cause physical abnormalities, mental disorders, low immune system, low birth weight, and many other health complications. Some men also quit smoking the moment they’ve become daddies.

 4. Illness

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. We all know it is the leading cause of preventable disease. And we also know that we will only end up dying young if we smoke. Sadly, many people still wait to get sick before finally quitting for good. Majority of smokers stop after finding out that they have some serious health problems, such as heart disease and cancer. Surely, you don’t want to end up being sick and regretful because you smoked yourself to death.

 5. Becoming a grandparent

Not all smokers quit because of being parents. Sometimes, they need extra motivation, especially the older ones, to drop the habit for good. Some people quit smoking after finding out they are going to be grandparents! These people are supported by their children who, of course, wouldn’t want their kids to be harmed by smoking.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

While there’s a bigger chance for you to quit smoking for good through one of these major life events, you really don’t want to wait for them before you try to kick off the habit. Remember, the best time to quit is NOW. It is however important that you keep harness your willpower and keep yourself motivated so you can go on with the smoking cessation process easy and without too much strain. Search the web, ask your doctor, or just sit down and think – you will find a hundred if not thousands of reasons to quit smoking today.



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