5 Smoking Tips You May Have Never Heard Before

By now, you must have heard tons of quit smoking tips. Have they helped you quit? Maybe yes, but not enough to motivate you to stay cigarette-free for good. If you still want some more, here are 5 great tips that might increase your chance of quitting! You may have never heard of some or most of the following advices. Nevertheless, they are all worth-trying.

  1. Stop saying you will quit forever. While it sounds too good, “forever” is an immeasurable period of time that could give you more pain and anxiety if you don’t succeed in achieving it. Instead, set realistic goals – as if you’re measuring your success through a yard stick! Be thankful for every hour, days, weeks, months and years that you are not lighting up.
  1. Keep away from the crutches. What is a crutch? It refers to any kind of quitting resilience that once gone, you will experience a relapse. It can be a person, a product, or a quitting strategy. For instance, if you are using nicotine patch, do you think will stay cigarette-free once you stopped using it? If you have a quit-smoking buddy, will you light up once you found out he/she just had a relapse?
  1. Observe regular diet. Maybe one of the reasons why you stick to smoking is because it gives you the ability to sustain long hours at work without feeling hungry. It’s because nicotine takes your stored fats and sugar to your bloodstream, leading to a suppression of appetite. Nevertheless, the chemicals in tobacco pollute your blood and damage all your internal organs. Skipping meals is also likely to aggravate your withdrawal symptoms. Experts recommend eating less food, but more often.
  1. There’s no such thing as “just one cigarette”. The moment you decide to quit, do your best not to light up even just once! Remember, two, three, four and five all starts with one! According to the law of nicotine addiction, administration of a drug causes the re-establishment of drug dependence. So just a single puff is powerful enough to hook you into the same, old habit.
  1. Don’t avoid smoking triggers. You don’t want to be avoiding your smoking friends, places you used to visit, your favorite food, coffee, and all the things you like for the rest of your life just because they trigger you to smoke! Instead, learn to face them. You can say that you are totally free from being a slave of nicotine addiction once you feel no urge to smoke even when your triggers are surrounding you. At first it’s going to feel like hell! But you’ve got to hold on to this principle: cravings last for three to ten minutes. If you resist this short, yet debilitating period of time, you will feel much, much better and more confident and free!

Hope these five smoking tips gave you new insights in overcoming nicotine addiction and quitting smoking for the rest of your life.



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