Top 5 Online Tools for People Trying to Quit

The internet can be used not just for social interactions but also for more meaningful things such as quitting smoking. On this article, get to know the top online tools that are available for those who are looking not just for information, tips and advice to quit smoking, but also for support.

1.       Train2Quit

This online smoking cessation tool was created by the Department of Defense for the US service members and former personnel who want to quit their life-threatening habit. According to the agency, people who enroll in this interactive program is twice more likely to quit than those who did not enroll. All qualified people can sign up for Train2Quit for free. They can even follow the program at their own pace. The program includes four stages to help smokers prepare to quit, adopt the changes they’ve made, and stay tobacco-free for life. While it is only exclusive to veterans and US military members, there are articles about quitting smoking that are accessible to everyone.

2.       QuitSTART

This online tool is especially made by the National Cancer Institute for teen smokers. It provides information about the health effects of smoking, tobacco triggers, and the effective smoking methods to fight peer pressure – one of the major causes of smoking in teens. In this app, teens can easily track their mood, day-to-day progress and the challenges that they encounter while trying to quit.

 3.       Since iQuit

This app was created by an ex-smoker. This program intensifies your motivation to stop quitting today by telling you how much money you can save if you do so. You can share this app with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

 4.       Cost of Smoking Calculator

Just like Since iQuit, this online tool helps you quit by showing you that smoking is very expensive. This program reveals how many packs of cigarettes you consume over a period of time. In the US, the average cost of cigarettes is $11.50 per pack. So if you are a pack-a-day smoker, then you are spending $4,197 a year to damage your lungs! That’s a ton of toxins and carcinogenic compounds!

 5.       NCI QuitPal

This is a mobile application created by the National Cancer Institute for adult smokers. This app can be used to record the number of days you remained smoke-free, as well as the challenges you meet along the way. This program also lets you connect to your social networks and share your day-to-day success! Every day, you will receive an update about the positive things that happened to your health because of quitting smoking. For instance, you will receive a message that tells you your risk of heart disease would have gone down in just 24 hours of quitting smoking.

With tools like this, smoking cessation can become an easy, smooth and fun experience! Remember that you are not alone. You can stop smoking today and for the rest of your days if you know how, where, and when to seek help.



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