Quit Smoking: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? This is the picture of a baby smoking.

Actually it is not. This is my baby girl. But this picture illustrates what you see in millions of homes around the world. Small infants made to smoke involuntarily.

No, you don’t see a cigarette, because it is the parents who smokes. But the baby also is smoking because of the passive smoke inhaled from the parents. It inhales the smoke and toxic gases produced by cigarettes, as well as the toxic gases and fumes that remain in the clothing and hair of her parents for hours. Don’t believe me? Grab that shirt you were wearing yesterday and take a sniff. Is that menthol or regular you are smelling?

The child’s parents believe (incorrectly) that since they smoke outside it does not affect their baby. They are wrong. And if the baby suffers sudden infant death (SIDS) the parents would be responsible.



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