10 Craziest Ways to Quit Smoking

Is quitting smoking a part of your New Year’s resolution? Every year, thousands of people in America make commitments never to smoke again. Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of these people manage to kick the habit for good. If you’ve been trying all the popular methods to quit smoking but couldn’t succeed, maybe you can try the most peculiar ways. On this article, let’s talk about the ten craziest ways to stop smoking now and forever!

  1. Make quitting smoking a family affair. They say two heads are better than one. Quitting smoking can be severely exhausting especially if you don’t have someone to lean on. Asking your family members and friends who smoke to join you in quitting is a great way to make your New Year’s resolution successful!
  2. Pay extra for every cigarette you smoke. Ask a friend to collect money from you every time you smoke, say $20. So aside from the money you spend on the cigarette itself, you still have to pay extra. With this, you are less likely to break your commitment (unless you’re very much willing to spend)!
  3. Tell your Facebook friends you are quitting. For your next shout out, inform all your social media friends that you are quitting. Surely, you will receive greetings and comforting words from your friends. They can also give you support, tips and advice on how to stop smoking forever.
  4. Create a blog. Instead of creating a journal, make a blog about your journey towards quitting smoking and become an inspiration to others. Make sure to read the comments from your readers. They, too, can be a source of support.
  5. Work in a company where smoking is not allowed. You want your environment to be free from cigarettes. Apply in companies that don’t allow their employees to smoke, especially while at work.
  6. Go nuts! To keep your hands busy, fill your hands with nuts especially if you feel like smoking. Eating nuts will keep your hands and mouth busy.
  7. Read the stories of previous smokers. Have you heard about the Marlboro man? He looked very tough, handsome, and sexy in his commercials. But he died due to lung cancer – a disease he developed from smoking. There are many other celebrities, politicians and popular people who died due to smoking.
  8. Become pregnant. The moment you find out you are carrying a child in your womb, you will feel guilty to light up.
  9. Treat yourself. After every week of not smoking, reward yourself! Whether it’s a trip to the park, a new dress, a new pair of shoes, or a ticket to the movie house or sports event, you deserve some treat!
  10. Have a heart attack. Crazy as it sounds; many people still wait for the day that they suffer from heart attack before finally quitting for good. But of course, you don’t want to experience a heart attack just to be able to quit. The fact that smoking exposes you to serious health problems such as heart failure, diabetes, and cancer, you should know how important it is to stop smoking today.




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