Top 10 Motivating Ideas to Quit Smoking for Good

Sometimes, information about the dangers of smoking is not enough to help you kick the habit for good. You also need motivation. It is the driving force that will keep you strong during the withdrawal period and cope with the debilitating effects of quitting.

The following ideas will help you stay motivated in staying smoke-free forever:

  1. Plan your dream trip abroad. If you stop smoking today, you can save enough money for your dream trip or cruise. Promise yourself that you are going to visit the place you’ve have always wanted to visit if you will be able to quit smoking for a year or so. Maybe it’s an Alaskan cruise or a trip to the beautiful forests of South Africa. Maybe you want to go to visit the Great Wall of China or taste authentic Kimchi in Korea! Start saving now!
  2. Look at the photos of long-time smokers. Search Google for the images of long-time smokers. Surely, you wouldn’t want to grow old and look like them.
  3. Visit lung cancer victims. Go to the hospital and talk to patients who have smoking-induced lung cancer, and hear what they have to say about smoking. If you don’t believe what doctors say about the dangers of smoking, you should believe in people who have experienced the debilitating effects of smoking.
  4. Put the money you saved in a jar. If you used to consume five cigarettes a day, compute how much it cost and put the money in a jar as your savings. You will be surprised to know that you could have saved a fortune if you will quit for the rest of your life.
  5. Call a friend. The first weeks of quitting smoking can be tough. You may need someone to hold on to – a shoulder you can lean on. Having a friend on your side throughout the entire smoking cessation period will definitely make you more motivated and less stressed when quitting.
  6. Read a book. There are plenty of quit smoking help books that can greatly motivate you. Look for informative books written by professional doctors and smoking cessation specialists.
  7. Clean your house. Take away any trace of smoking in your home, from the living room to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Ditch the ash trays as they will remind you that you are a smoker. Clean your bed sheets, curtains and draperies to remove the smell of cigarettes. If your environment is clean, you will not be triggered to smoke.
  8. Seek help from a therapist. If you can’t find support from your friends or family, there are health professionals who are willing to help you. They can provide you treatments, advice and recommendations to help you quit for good.
  9. Imagine your children smoking. For sure, you don’t want your kids to be a smoker like you. But how can you convince them that they should not smoke if you yourself is a smoker?
  10. Use creative visualizations. Imagine a cigarette stick throwing balls of fire on you – making you feel hopeless, beaten up, and almost dying.

With these tips, you make yourself motivated and inspired to make your commitment of not smoking again for good!



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