Top 10 Lifestyle Changes for a Smoke-Free Life

At times, information regarding the risks of smoking is not sufficient to motivate you to stop smoking for good. Motivation is the source of power that will help you to stay strong especially during the period of withdrawal and deal with the incapacitating effects of stopping.

The following tips will help you stay motivated in staying smoke-free for life:

1. Exercise. Medical studies have shown that individuals who regularly exercise are less expected to smoke or crave for a cigarette as compared to inactive individuals. Exercise is important to sustain physical health. It also helps to protect mental health and assure a balanced daily life. Exercising regularly can enhance your physical fitness and health, improve your stamina, vitality and energy, enhance your appearance, reduce depression, anxiety and tension and enhance your self-confidence. You must regularly exercise to maintain or enhance your physical health. It can also be useful to help you quit smoking successfully.

2. Cut the night life! Avoid entering to bars wherein there are many smokers. The effects of second-hand smoke are very much dangerous, particularly if you do not smoke. You’re not secured from every dangerous consequence in any way.

3. Eat right. Eating right is significant for everybody, but it is particularly significant for the individual who has stopped smoking. Smoking elevates your glucose level that is why it restrains appetite. The moment it lowers down, your appetite will increase. Then, you begin to crave for cigarettes to avoid binge eating. Beat this by eating often in small amounts. You might even have to eat 6 to 8 times daily, but that is okay as long as you are staying in a reasonable weight limit and eating healthy foods.

4. Manage stress. Does being under stress increase your desire to smoke? Knowing when you crave for cigarettes may help you find ways in dealing with the situations and avoid lighting up. You have to determine how to keep away your temptations.

5. Communicate. Loneliness also triggers smoking. To avoid this, you call a friend. You might need somebody to hold onto or a shoulder you can rely on. Communicating with your friend will surely help you feel less stressed and more motivated.

6. Ditch the alcohol. Begin with understanding that the drinking alcohol is psychological. Your body does not need any amount of alcohol for any functions. If you realize and accept this, your life will be easier. The ways to stop must also start with psychological condition, as the reason for drinking alcohol is psychological. Always remember, it’s all in the mind.

7. Search Images of long-time smokers.  Find photos of long-time smokers and definitely, you would not want to look and grow old like them.

8. Clean your home. Keep away any smoking trace in your house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Remove the ash trays because they will remind you of smoking. Clean your curtains, draperies and sheets to remove the smell of cigarettes. You will not be triggered to smoke, when your surroundings is clean.

9. Read a book. There are lots of books about quit smoking that will definitely motivate you. Purchase informative books written by smoking specialists or professional doctors.

10. Seek Assistance from a therapist. If you cannot get support from your family or friends, there are many health specialists who are willing to assist you. They can give you recommendations, advices and treatments to assist you in quitting smoking for good.



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