Teen Smoking: Top 6 Helpful Advices for Parents

Teen smoking may start unknowingly, but it can turn out to be a lifelong problem. Actually, most people start smoking when they were teenagers. As early as today, help your teen prevent doing that first cigarette puff. You may follow these advices to help avoid teen smoking.

1. Know What Triggers Your Child

Teen smoking can be a way to cope with a specified group of individuals or a type of rebellion. Some teens start smoking to manage their weight. While other teens smoke to feel independent or cool. Consider your teen’s good choices and discuss on the consequences of wrong choices.  It is advisable to ask your teen how he/she feels with regard to smoking. Ask your teen if any of his/her friends smoke. You may also discuss with your teen on how tobacco manufacturers attempt to influence opinions with regard to smoking. For instance, through product advertisements or promotions in the movies that makes the discernment that smoking is more common and glamorous than it truly is.

2. Consider Your Teen’s Self-Worth

Smoking is not glamorous. Inform your teen that smoking is smelly and dirty. Smoking will make their hair and clothes smell. Smoking can lead to ugly wrinkles, bad breath and yellowish teeth. It will make them sick and take away energy for sports and other fun activities.

3. Support Your Child all through the Way

Sometimes you may feel that your teen does not listen to your advices, but do not be tired of reminding them. Remind your teen that smoking is not acceptable. Your disapproval can give more awareness than you imagine. Parents who set unbending restrictions on their teens about smoking intend to smoke less than those parents who do not set smoking limitations.

4. Do the Calculation

 Ask your teen to calculate the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly expenses of smoking. Smoking is definitely expensive. You may compare the expenses of smoking with that of clothes, electronic gadgets or other teen nuts and bolts.

5. Be a Good Example to Your Teen

 Teen smoking is usually prevalent among teens whose parents smoke.  If you do not smoke, you should keep it up. However, if you are smoking, it will be better to stop now. As you quit smoking, the possibility your teen to become a smoker is less. You may talk to your physician about the different ways to quit smoking.

 For now, do not smoke in front of your teen, in the car or in the house. It is also advisable to avoid buying cigarettes. Do not leave cigarettes where in your teen may find them. Help your teen understand how uncomfortable you are with smoking, how hard it is to stop as well as you will keep on trying until you quit smoking permanently.

6. Talk Calmly

You can just tell your teen to quit smoking. It is a significant message. However, ultimatums, commands and threats will not possibly work. Instead of getting angry to your teen, it is helpful if you will be more supportive and curious. Consider the reason why your teen decided to begin smoking.

Hope this helps!



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