5 Reasons why Chantix is better than Zyban

Smoking habit is a psychological and physical addiction that can be nearly impossible to overcome. Many people think that they smoke because of liking the sensation or perhaps they decide to smoke because of the heavy promotion that tobacco companies utilize to advertise the idea that smoking is a form of personal choice. The issue that has to be considered is whether this liking or choice to smoke has become an addiction that will prove to be hard to defeat the habit. Though many might begin their stop smoking practice with determination and enthusiasm, most of them cannot maintain this practice for long and usually return to smoking. Others decide to bow out the effort due to the withdrawal symptoms that can be associated with stopping smoking. Nowadays, there are hundreds of products that were introduced in the market to help smokers in their difficulties, from nicotine-based gums and patches to hypnotherapy and laser treatments.

The most effective product to assist smokers defeat the habit of smoking is the Chantix. It is a prescribed drug used to control smoking habit during the vital period. Though there is numerous stop smoking options, Chantix has become highly popular method as it helps people stop smoking in a very short period of time.

This quit smoking pill Chantix works by giving aid psychologically, as it helps the smoker by reducing them of the nicotine cravings. It can aid smokers to determine what triggers them to smoke or why they are smoking. For others this can be a habit in general, stress reliever or weight loss aid.

On the physical aspect of smoking addiction, this new quit smoking pill Chantix also works by clogging nicotine from connecting to the brain receptors. This gives a large relief for a smoker as it aids to stop the body from nicotine craving. If nicotine is inhaled, it connects to the brain receptors that will work as couriers to various body parts repeatedly. Recent studies have shown that Chantix works by stimulating these receptors in the body and clogging nicotine from connecting to them. Thus, Chantix pills don’t contain nicotine.

In the introduction of anti-smoking pills, Chantix greatly increased in popularity after it reached FDA approval when compared to placebo or Zyban. It really became an effective way in preventing withdrawal symptoms and also fighting against smoking. Chantix has become popular as it is an entirely different way to stop smoking in contrast with other methods. It is also very friendly to people who want to stop.

Chantix aids by helping the smoker get rid of negative feelings while reducing withdrawal indications. If you want to stop smoking, you could not directly purchase Chantix from any chemist stores because it needs a prescription from a reliable doctor. If you have planned to purchase Chantix then assure that you follow the doctor’s advice. Most people think that consuming overdose might help in faster end but that is not, it will only give you difficulties.



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