5 Tips for Those Who are Not Ready to Quit

Maybe you have thought of quitting for so many times but still you couldn’t. You are not sure whether it’s willpower or what you need. Maybe you are afraid that you might slip and fail. Or, you are afraid of living a life without cigarettes. One thing’s for sure, you are not ready to quit yet. What should you do?

Here are the things you should keep in mind:

  1. Quitting smoking is easy. Quitting smoking today is easy and achievable. But first of all, you need to have a strong willpower and motivation. Think of your reason or reasons to quit smoking for good. Are you worried of the huge money you spend on cigarettes? Are you afraid of the health effects of smoking? Are sick and tired of puffing your life away? Once you have created your own reason for stopping, you can quit smoking today with ease and courage.
  2. Quitting means FREEDOM. All your life, you have been a slave of cigarettes. Even if it hurts your lungs and made you cough to death, cigarettes still manage to conquer your body. Even if you no longer want to inhale the foul, toxic fume of cigarette smoke, you still take every single air particle that comes with it. If you will quit smoking now, you are guiding yourself to a life that’s free from this kind of slavery.
  3. Quit smoking difficulty is all in the mind. Most of us grew up in a society where everybody thinks quitting smoking is hard. That’s what many people say. Maybe, it’s one way to discourage tobacco users from quitting. From this moment on, never think that quitting is a difficult process because it’s not. With the right information and a strong willpower, you can quit smoking now and for the rest of your life.
  4. The right method makes quitting PAIN-FREE. It’s true that some of the effects of quitting smoking can be hard to bear. But by using the right method, you can increase your chance of quitting smoking for good without having to go through the debilitating withdrawal symptoms. There are medications, therapies, and other treatments designed for helping people deal with nicotine addiction. Talk to your doctor today and learn about your options.
  5. A better life lies ahead. If you ever want a life that’s healthier, happier and more fulfilling, NOW is the time to quit. By stopping smoking today, you face a whole new world where health and happiness are within your reach.






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