Rate Your Quit Smoking Success (5 Questions to Ask Yourself)

Obviously, there are a lot of ways to help you stop smoking. They involve patches and pills, herbal remedies, medications, and so on. Quit smoking products are certainly not the same. Whatever method you choose, the most important thing is the rate of success. Your chance of quitting smoking for good does not only depend on the method you will be using. Rate your quit smoking success by asking these questions to yourself.

1. When do you intend to quit? Having a quit smoking date is important in the process of the smoking cessation period. Choose a stop date. Motivate yourself to set an objective and select a target date to quit smoking.  Find various quit-smoking aids and select on these options.

2. Will you undergo treatment? If you will make use of the treatment, you are more likely to succeed. However, you should realize that every smoker is different. It is important to select stop smoking methods that work best for you. You should also determine and deal with your smoking habits and the real nature of your addiction. Your doctor can also help you make this option. Determine how much you smoke, what triggers you to smoke and how long you have been smoking. If you have attempted to stop before, find out how difficult it was? What was the toughest part? And what triggered you to begin smoking again? Additionally, you should also consider your medical history, your overall health and illnesses you might, various health conditions and what other treatments you might be undergoing.

If your doctor has all this information, he/she can find out which quit smoking techniques and treatment are more likely to aid you. Your doctor can evaluate several options and can select the options that best suit your needs.

3. Do your loved ones know about it? Let your friends and family know that you are planning to stop smoking. Motivation from those you mostly trust can give one of the best encouragements towards your goal. Allow them to remind you always of the reasons why you are stopping.

4. Are you sure you want to quit? You may think that there are so many difficulties to quit smoking or perhaps you are seeking for the right aid to quit smoking. Whatever your reason it is, you should stop this deadly habit. Do it for your own benefit. You deserve the monetary profit from not spending money on buying cigarettes and deserve the health benefits of stopping.

5. Are you interested in getting into a fitness program? Apart from the usual health benefits of regular exercise, there are other reasons why beginning a fitness program will help you stop smoking. Exercise can definitely help you avoid the habit of smoking. It will not only distract you from lighting up, but it can also help you to prevent weight gain, anxiety and stress. Whether you have begun smoking recently or you have been smoking for long time now, you can get effective ways to stop smoking with exercise.




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