10 Reasons Why Simply ‘Cutting Down’ on Cigarettes Won’t Help

Many people who are aware of the negative impact of smoking to their well being and physical health, but could not let go of their habit, think that cutting down on their cigarette consumption can help them. True or false? Unfortunately, the answer is one BIG FALSE.

You need to understand that there is no such thing as ‘safe’ smoking! While the FDA warns people about the limitations on certain drugs or medications, cigarettes don’t have ‘safe’ levels. Meaning, they can harm your health even if you rarely smoke!

So what happens if you simply cut down on smoking?

  1. You’re no different than regular smokers. Cutting down on smoking doesn’t make you different from the rest of the smokers. Why? Well, you still expose yourself to the same level of danger that regular smoking brings.
  2. You get the same amount of toxins, even more. Studies reveal that people who try to restrict their cigarette consumption tend to take the smoke deeper into their lungs and hold it for a while before finally releasing it. Cutting down on smoking makes you crave for it more! So your tendency is to ‘treasure’ every smoking minute and get the most (toxins) out of it!
  3. It makes you smoke more. If you can’t sustain your cravings, you then start to want more cigarettes. So instead of reducing your smoking habit, you are actually making it worse!
  4. Cutting down doesn’t reduce the health risks of smoking. If you think reducing your nicotine consumption will lower your risk of developing lung cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening illnesses, IT’S NOT!
  5. Sooner or later, you’ll contract a disease. People who managed to sustain a few cigarette sticks a day still developed serious health problems later in life. This only shows that cutting down really will do you no good.
  6. You will still smell. You may have heard that regular smoking affects your physical appearance. Cigarettes stain your teeth and make you smelly. Even if you are only smoking a few times a day or a week, you will not lose the negative effects it bring to your physical health and appearance. People won’t be able to differentiate you from regular smokers.
  7. Quitting smoking becomes harder. By thinking that cutting down on cigarettes can save you from the dangers of smoking, your desire to quit vanishes in time.
  8. You still spend a fortune. You are still spending a lot of money on cigarettes unless you completely take them out of your life. What’s worse is that you are spending money to kill yourself!
  9. It worsens unhealthy habits. Some people who cut down on smoking try to compensate their nicotine cravings by engaging in alcohol abuse. So instead of improving your lifestyle, you increase the possibility of making it worse than ever!
  10. Light or mild cigarettes are no different. Some smokers switch from regular to mild or light cigarettes. But studies show they bring the same health hazards!

So what’s the best thing to do?

QUIT. That’s the best thing you can do. If you really want to set yourself free from the dangers of cigarettes, you better start to QUIT SMOKING NOW.



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